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Uganda National Parks

National parks are among the features after which Uganda was dubbed the Pearl of Africa. Uganda is naturally gifted with 10 national parks situated in different corners of the country. Each national park is unique in its own kind in form of wildlife, location, vegetation altitude and tourism activities that take place there. Uganda is gifted with 10 national parks situated in different parks of the country. A visit to any of these parks reward travelers with memorable uganda tours experiences which make them embrace that indeed uganda is the Peal of Africa.

Mgahinga National Park

golden monkey trekking
Mgahinga National park is located southwest of Uganda in Kisoro district, among the Virunga volcanic mountain chain. The park lies along the northern slopes of Mt. Gahinga, Mt. Sabyinyo and Mt. Muhabura all of which are part of the six Virunga mountain chain marking the southern limit of the Albertine rift valley belonging to 3 countries that is the DR congo, Uganda and Rwanda.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National park

Uganda gorilla tours
Sited in south Western Uganda, Bwindi impenetrable forest national park is an exceptional tourism destination every traveler should visit on his/her Uganda safari. As its name, Bwindi is a thick impenetrable forest which was initially a home for the Batwa pygimies who co-existed with wildlife animals in this jungle and is widely known for gorilla safaris. The forest was transformed into a national park in 1991 and its when Batwa pygimies were forced out to protect the critically endangered mountain gorillas which were then at the verge of extinction. The park is one of Uganda;s 10 national parks all managed by Uganda wildlife Authority (UWA) a government body responsible for wildlife conservation and tourism in the pearl of Africa.

Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison falls national park, the largest park in Uganda, is named after the Murchison falls where the mighty river Nile explodes through a narrow gorge and flows down to become a placid river whose banks are decorated by herds of hippos, buffaloes, crocodiles, and water bucks among others. Wildlife at Murchison falls national park includes lions, leopard, elephants, giraffes, cape buffaloes, hartebeests, oribis, Uganda kobs, chimpanzees, and many bird species including the rare shoebill, goliath herons, pelican bee-eaters, kingfishers, cormorants and the Egyptian Geese among others. Murchison falls national park is a best spot for Uganda wildlife safaris being largest national park and a home to the highest population of wildlife in the Pearl of Africa.

Kibale Forest National Park

Uganda Chimpanzee Tours
With an area of about 760sq km of lush tropical rainforest and a fascinating diversity of mammals and birds, Kibale Forest National Park (KFNP) is well known as a home to the closest living relative (98% DNA) to human beings, the endangered Chimpanzee. The park is also a natural habitat to the rare L’Hoest monkey, and the threatened Colobus monkey. Kibale national park boasts of the highest primates density in the whole of Africa which makes a total of 13 species including the black and white colobus, grey-cheeked mangabeys, red-tailed monkey.

Semliki Valley National Park

Birding watching in Semuliki
Lying in the extreme west of Uganda, along the boarder of Uganda and Republic of Congo within the western arm of the Rift Valley is the Semuliki national park. The park is an eastern extension of the vast Ituri rainforest in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This area, as a result of the climatic upheavals of the Pleistocene era, is greatly rich in both flora and fauna especially in avifauna. Created in October 1993, Semuliki national park with an area of 220sq km has an undulating terrain stretching between 670 to 760 metres above sea level. This makes most of the rivers and streams in the surrounding areas drain through the park.

Mountain Rwenzori National Park

Mountain Rwenzori NP
Established in 1991, Rwenzori mountain national park is one of Uganda’s UNESCO heritage sites. The park is situated in kasese district in Rwenzori mountains and is a home to the highest peak Mount Rwenzori which is the highest peak in Africa. Also, the national park is a home to a variety of animals and birds available for travelers. Mountain Climbing is the most done activity and most travelers from all parts of the world have traveled to Mount Rwenzori to take part in hiking this magnificent mountain. Intrestingly, margerita the highest peak of the mountain has snow which make it distinct from others volcanoes. Mountain climbing in Rwenzori is complemented with other activities such as game viewing, birding and cultural tours which all make your Uganda safari a lifetime experience. Also, the park is one of the least visited tourism spots in Uganda which has kept it natural and impressive.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Game viewing in QENP
Designated as a Biosphere in 1979, Queen Elizabeth National Park (2,056 sq km) is part of the diverse ecosystem in Africa which includes also the Kyambura and Kigezi Wildlife Reserve. The two main lakes, Edward and George, are a result of the melting glaciers of the Rwenzori Mountains. The open savannah vegetation decorated by Euphoria and Acacia trees create a natural habitat for lions, elephants, leopards, buffaloes, Uganda kobs, waterbucks, warthogs among others.Queen Elizabeth national park can be explored on your designed Uganda wildlife packages which help you enjoy the beauty Nature has blessed Uganda with.

Lake Mburo National Park

Game viewing in Lake Mburo
Situated in Kiruhura district roughly 4 hours drive from kampala the capita city of Uganda, Lake Mburo national park is an exceptional destination. The national park spreads over 260 square kilometers of land. Lake Mburo National park is a home to a variety of animals which include zebras, impalas, elands, oribis, african buffalos, kobs and a variety of birds. The national park derives its name from lake Mburo which is situated in the centre of the park. Lake Mburo is Uganda’s smallest savannah parks compared to the land size of Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth national park and Kidepo valley national park. Initially, the current national park was a swampy area which was garzetted as a hunting ground in 1933 and then transformed into a game reserve in 1963 and then officially garzetted as one of the 10 national parks in Uganda. The activities done include game viewing, bird watching, forest walk, visit to local communities and a boat ride on Lake Mburo,

Kidepo Valley National Park

Uganda National Parks
Kidepo with 1,442sq km is one of Uganda’s most spectacular national parks. Climbing LionsIts scenery offers the uniqueness that no other East African park can offer. Tucked in the cradle formed by Uganda, Sudan and Kenya, the park harbors breathtaking savannah and a mountain terrain that end in a rugged horizon. The landscape is studded with tiny hills, rocky outcrops and inselbergs that stunning panoramic views to all directions. The huge altitudinal range and wide climatic conditions have created an extremely diverse flora hence giving rise to diverse fauna, some of which cannot be traced elsewhere in East Africa. Dry mountain forest dominates many of the hills, whereas areas along the Lorupei river support thick acacia geradi forest.

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