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For Uganda Gorilla Tours, Africa Adventure Safaris has perfected great skills in crafting and managing safari packages that suit all clients of any travel budget (refer to our tripadvisor reviews). Our major safari highlight is the gorilla trekking experience in Uganda, Rwanda, and DR Congo. We organize trips to Bwindi & Mgahinga national parks in Uganda; Volcanoes in Rwanda and Virunga in DR Congo. We also offer chimpanzee tours and game drives in different destinations in East Africa.

We customize safari packages for individual and small private groups. The itineraries featured on this website simply sample packages. It is the reason why they are not priced as they keep changing depending on individual interests. Our state-of-art fleet of safari vehicles is kept in a very sound mechanical condition and built to offer comfort to a traveler on the bumpy marram roads to the African national parks. Our safari guides are drawn from a background of botany and zoology. We are proud to say, we have some of the best birding, photography, and general wildlife guides for both English and French-speaking guests.

Sample Uganda Gorilla Tours

1Day Uganda Gorilla Trek Bwindi

1 Day Uganda gorilla trekking

Join a 1 Day Uganda gorilla trip to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, home to 15 gorilla families with Africa Adventure Safaris, your travel company Read More

5 Days Gorillas & Chimp Trekking


The 5 days Uganda safari combines gorilla trekking in Bwindi and chimpanzee tracking in Kibale Forest NP. Enjoy Uganda primate trekking experience with AA Read More

2 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trekking


Enjoy a 2 Days gorilla trek to Volcanoes national park in north western Rwanda to see mountain gorillas with Africa Adventure Safaris. Read More

6 Days Uganda Primates Safari


Enjoy a 6 Days Uganda Safari to trek gorilas in Bwindi forest, game viewing and chimpanzee trekking in Kibale Forest with Africa Adventure Safaris Read More

4 Days Uganda Birding Trip


Book a 4 Days Uganda birding safari to Mabamba swamp, Entebbe Botanical gardens Mabira and Zzika forests with Africa Adventure Safaris.Read More

7 Days Uganda Wildlfe Safari


A 7 Day Uganda wildlife Safari reward you with memorable gorilla treks in Bwindi and Chimpanzee tours in Kibale  Read More

3 Days Bwindi Gorilla Tour


The 3 days Uganda gorilla tour to Bwindi forest park home to half of the World’s mountain gorillas with 17 gorilla families. Read More

4 Days Uganda Gorilla Safari


Book a 4 Days Uganda gorilla trekking safari to Bwindi Impentrable Foerst National pak with Africa Adventure Safaris. The safari also takes you to Lake Bunyonyi, Africa’s second deepst Lake. Read More

17 Days Uganda & Zanzibar Safari


The 17 Days Uganda and Zanzibar safari is a prefect package to explore the beauty of Africa’s Pearl and visit the stone town and beaches of Zanzibar with Africa Adventure Safaris.Read More

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Besides Uganda gorilla tours, Africa Adventure Safaris offers a wide variety of other interesting adventure packages including mountaineering, white water rafting and bungee jumping.





Classic Game Safaris in Uganda

3 Days Murchison Falls Park Tour

Uganda safaris

Enjoy a 3 Days Uganda game safari to Murchison Falls National Park. Discover wildlife and the mighty Murchison Falls in Uganda’s largest and oldest National Park. Read More

4 Days Uganda Game Safari

Uganda safaris

Tailored 4 Days Uganda game safari to Queen Elizabeth and Lake Mburo National Parks. Enjoy game viewing and boat cruise experience on this 4 Days Uganda safari. Read More

5 Days Queen Elizabeth &Semliki Game Safari

Uganda game safaris

Join a 5 Days Uganda game safari to Queen Elizabeth & Semliki Valley national Parks with Africa Adventure Safaris. The trip features game viewing, boat cruise & Sempaya hot springs. Read More

Frequently Asked Questions on Rwanda & Uganda Gorilla Tours

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Uganda has more habituated gorilla families, 22 in number, compared to Rwanda’s 18 groups available for tracking on a particular day hence enhancing chances of gorilla permits availability in Uganda. However Rwanda is a smaller country in terms of its geographical area compared to Uganda where drive distances tend to be longer; and as such for travelers with less time, Rwanda becomes a better option.

The cheapest a person can do a gorilla safari in Rwanda for a day trip is USD 1,700 (per person); a 2 days at USD 1900 per person; a 3 day gorilla trip at USD 2000 to USD 5000 (luxury package). Included in a gorilla tour package are: – a gorilla permit, private safari truck / vehicle, English / French / German speaking guide, accommodation and meals.

Yes, gorilla trekking has proved the best wildlife experience according to TripAdvisor Reviews by most travelers to Africa. It is worth the effort, time and money spent. Encountering the mountain gorillas in the wild face-to-face is the most breathtaking experience any wildlife enthusiast would dream to experience.

Gorilla tracking requires physically fit travelers as it involves hiking through thick vegetation and steep terrain in some areas of the park. A gorilla trek in Uganda can last 1 hour to 6 hours, depending on the movement of mountain gorillas in the wild searching for their food. The gorilla tracking experience in both Uganda and Rwanda are similar.

YES, gorilla trekking is Uganda is safe. The safest parts of Uganda are Bwindi and Mgahinga national parks. Uganda Wildlife Authority at all times maintains her park rangers highly motivated, vigilant, well equiped and trained to keep gorilla trekking safe and secure.

Gorilla Habituation Experience (GHE) is the gradual exposure of a wild gorilla family to human presence. Researchers begin with a study of a gorilla specie, treat sicknesses and protect them from encroachers in view of conservation tourism. Currently there are two gorilla families subjected to habituation:- Bukyingi and Bushaho, all in Rushaga Sector- southern Bwindi. For a successful habituation process, each group has so far spent 3 to 5 years under the management of an expert research team, conservations and game rangers. Each day game rangers spend some time with the gorillas by gradually getting closer to them. This process will continue until the gorillas are very comfortable with the human presence thus eventually opening them to visitation by tourists. So, Gorilla Habituation Experience brings tourists to these gorillas under study and eventually turn them into friendly primates.
A tourist who participates in Gorilla habituation Experience is perceived as one who fully supports conservation since funds generated in this activity are utilized in supporting the survival of these primates. The Gorilla Habituation Experience enable a tourist to spend a day in the presence of the gorillas and thus participates in all activities related to the gorillas which culminates into an incredible wildlife experience.

A gorilla permit in Uganda costs USD 700; for foreign nonresidents a gorilla permit costs USD 600; and Gorilla Habituation Experience costs USD 1500. The rest of the safari package is determined by any other activities and lodges a traveler would wish customized in his or her package.

The dry season June to August, and December to February offer better gorilla and chimpanzee trekking conditions. Game drives and viewing are also good during this period. However the rest of the months are also fine though with inconveniences posed by heavy rains. During this low season gorilla and chimpanzee permits tend to be subsidized so are the safari lodges.

Anyone tracking chimpanzees or mountain gorillas should wear sturdy clothing i.e. long sleeved shirts and trousers for protection against nettles. You need gardening gloves or protective leather gloves and a pair of gaiters / light walking boots.

Generally, gorillas are powerful yet gentle and friendly animals. But they can attack and injure people who provoke them. The Silverback can react loud roars, thumping its chest and charge towards the person that has provoked him. Despite being gentle and calm, gorillas are wild animals that can prove dangerous if mishandled or threatened. Gorilla attacks on humans are extremely rare but can only be motivated by a defensive instinct.

Mountain gorillas live in green volcanic Virunga Conservation area that includes Volcanoes national park of Rwanda, Virunga National Park – DR Congo, Mgahinga and Bwindi national parks in Uganda; whereas lowland gorillas live in the forests of central and western Africa in Equatorial Guinea, Angola, Cameroon, Congo, Gabon, Central African Republic and DR Congo.

To book a gorilla tour one has to pay for a gorilla permit which is simply a document that allows you spend an hour with gorillas in the wild. This document can be obtained through a registered tour company such as Africa Adventure Safaris ( or through Uganda Wildlife (UWA) in case of Uganda; or through or Rwanda Development Board (RDB) in case of Rwanda.

Gorilla trekking experience involves going on a guided hike through dense rainforest to spend time with a specific gorilla group in its natural environment. Encountering these calm and awesome creatures is a life-changing experience. Gorilla Trekking Experience begins with a guided walk through the dense rainforest in search of gorillas. An encounter with a family of gorillas is the ultimate goal of this hike. Tourists are allowed to stay in the presence of gorillas for an hour. Normally 7 meters are allowed for any guest getting closer to any gorilla group. However due to Covid 19 pandemic the distance has been increased to 10 meters. Gorillas can easily contract all human diseases since their DNA in relation to humans is about 96%.