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We had the most amazing trip thanks to Anna and African Adventure Safaris. Richard and Dismas were absolutely the BEST guides and helped make our trip a very special, unique and enjoyable time. We felt safe and comfortable the whole time and would gladly use this company again.

A special shout out to Anna because when we arrived in Rwanda after 2 days of stressful traveling, our bags didn’t arrive and we were set to leave for Uganda the next day. I messaged Anna on What’s App at 7pm at night on a weekday and she instantly responded telling us not to worry. She had our bags safely and reliably transported from Kigali, Rwanda to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda which was such a huge relief. We love you Anna!!!

There are a lot of companies to choose from but I can’t recommend this one enough. They were absolutely fantastic. Great communication, friendly and knowledgeable staff and outstanding excursions. Loved every minute and can’t wait to book with them again!!!!

7 Day Uganda-Rwanda Safari
My wife and have recently returned from 7 days throughout all of Uganda and Kigali, Rwanda. Our search for a reputable safari company started with a friend, he recommended 2 companies he had dealt with. After hopping on TripAdvisor and reading about them, I was convinced with one of the companies he recommended. Nonetheless, I also saw Africa Adventures Safaris. I contacted both companies at the same time and was immediately contacted back by African Adventures Safaris and also, received a phone call from Bill. Long story short, the communication plays a big role in trips like these and I opted to go with Africa Adventures Safaris. Throughout the days, Maclean was very responsive and helped me with the many doubts I had.

Trip Time
Our guide was Douglas. Can’t say anything bad about Douglas, he was an excellent driver, excellent guide and an excellent person. Very attentive, always looking out for us, making sure we were fine and had everything we needed. He even packed extra raincoats and the much-needed mud protectors I had forgotten. If you could ask for a guide, I would recommend Douglas, he made our trip even better than what we expected.
All the lodges and hotels picked by them were great and so was the vehicle.
I would definitely recommend Africa Adventures Safaris.

Best. Tour. Ever!
I just finished a 5 day Gorilla & Primates tour through Rwanda and Uganda and it was absolutely fantastic. It was truly an experience of a lifetime and I am already trying to figure out a way to get my friends and family to join me again on this amazing trip.

Anna and William were great with helping me to personalize and plan a trip that was just right for me.

As a 33 yr old female traveling from the USA alone, I had no idea what to expect from this tour. From the moment Gavis picked me up, all the fears that I had were immediately relieved. He was honestly a breath of fresh air- so knowledgeable, kind and funny. Spending time driving from place to place, eating meals together and having him care for me at every corner of the trip was incredibly comforting. At the end of our 5 days I feel like I made a friend that I will cherish forever.

On top of such a fun time with Gavis, I was able to see mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, tree climbing lions, hippos, golden monkeys and SO much more. Do yourself many favors and book a tour with Africa Adventure Safaris!

Tour of a lifetime!
We recently returned from a 9-day tour of Rwanda and Uganda organized by Anna at African Adventure. It was a fantastic trip and contained everything that we wanted and everything that Anna had promised.

We had exchanged dozens of e-mails with Anna for more than a year to organize this trip. She was completely flexible with our choice of hotels and itinerary. When bad reviews started to tarnish a hotel, she readily changed the hotel to one with better reviews. She promised us gorillas, and we saw gorillas—lots of them.

We started in Kigali where Joan, a member of the African Adventure Safaris’ team, led us on a great 1 ½-day walking/driving tour of key historical and cultural sights. We also visited several women’s coops and art galleries where we shopped for local handicrafts. Joan’s personal stories helped us understand what life is like in Rwanda today.

For our safari tour, Anna gave us William as our driver/guide. He was wonderful. He knew every plant, every bird, and every animal. He was our advocate for the gorilla treks as I had a history of fractured feet. He worked hard to get us treks to the closer gorilla families so that we would not have to walk as far.

We were far from the comforts and familiarity of home in the U.S. William made us feel very secure and confident in the very different environment of Uganda and Rwanda. This was particularly so in our numerous community visits, when we interacted with children and adults in schools, homes, and workplaces and gained insight into their daily lives. These visits were a highlight of a trip and provided a nice balance to our gorilla and chimpanzee treks and game drives.

Our favorite lodge was Bwindi .The staff there were exceptional. The view from the lodge was pretty. The manager gave us a hair dryer that ran on batteries. We also had a cell phone in case we needed anything. On our departure, they packed us peanut butter sandwiches in a beautiful woven basket.

In short, Anna, William, and Joan provided us with the tour of a lifetime. Showing friends back home the photos of our gorillas and other animals reinforces our appreciation of everything that we saw.
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Fantastic Trip!
My husband and I did the 5-day Uganda Gorilla and Wildlife Tour in March 2019. We worked with Maclean to plan and prep for the trip, she was very timely and thorough in helping us.

Our guide Alex was wonderful! He was extremely thoughtful and knowledge about both Rwanda and Uganda regarding the people, the wildlife, politics, and even an expert in geology! The best thing about Alex was that he was always open to questions, but was not overly chatty (my husband and I are both introverts!). He made sure all of our travels went smoothly, knew all the local guides, lodge staff, and had connections to make sure we were on the most efficient roads during our travels. During our trip, a wheel started to make a funny noise… which is understandable considering the condition of some of the roads. Alex pulled over in a national park, took of the tire by himself and diagnosed the problem, drove us to a nearby village auto place, and they fixed the problem…we barely lost an hour!

We loved the Chimpanzee tour, the boat tour, and of course the gorillas. We went to visit the Mishaya Group at Bwindi. Although the trek was tough, we found the group in about 2 hours and it was an unreal experience. It started to rain about 30 minutes into our time with the gorillas, but our porter was right there with our rain gear. The rain made the experience more memorable because the group slowed down a bit to wait it out.

Probably the highlight of the trip for us was a tour of the local village at the entrance to Bwindi, Rushaga, where we visited the local school and they kids sang and danced for us!

My only recommendation would be to do a longer tour. We underestimated how bad the road would be and it probable took 2-3 times longer to get to locations that we thought. Therefore, we spent a lot of time in the car and it would have been nice to have a bit longer in some of the wonderful lodges we stayed in. So I would do the same trip in 7 days versus 5 days. Overall we highly recommend Africa Adventure Safaris!

In Love with Uganda!
My husband and I recently returned from a 16-day trip to Uganda and Rwanda with Africa Adventure Safaris. My husband and I traveled with our wonderful guide and driver Kenneth Muhindi. The vehicle provided for our overland trip was an older model Toyota Range Rover with a pop top for safari viewing. Kenneth kept it clean and well maintained through miles of dusty and rough dirt roads. I was not familiar with this company, and was therefore a little hesitant, but we are more than pleased with our trip. We had an amazing experience and fell in love with Uganda. Most of the places we stayed were excellent and the details of our trip were executed without a hitch. Anna, who took care of all our trip details and worked with us to create the itinerary, was responsive and professional. Kenneth was the core of our trip. He took care of the details, driving and answered the numerous questions we had about the country – politics, education, agricultural and of course the animals and primates. Kenneth was a ranger in 3 of the 4 main national parks before he became a guide. His knowledge is deep, and he is happy to share his knowledge. He also speaks 9 of the local languages as well as English which helped along the way. When I was not feeling well, he changed some of our lodging to minimize the stress before trekking. He also was invaluable helping organize our gorilla trekking, which was the highlight of our trip. He knows almost every ranger in Bwindi and in general seemed to be friends with everyone we met throughout Uganda and Rwanda. He was always on time and I always felt he had our best interests in mind and was focused on making sure we had a fantastic trip. We enjoyed spending two weeks with him and parted ways friends forever. We trekked chimpanzees, mountain gorillas and golden monkeys (in Rwanda). We also managed to see lions, and other wildlife, though the plain animals are nothing like you would see in Kenya or some other East Africa countries. We enjoyed the boat “safaris” and beautiful countryside. Uganda is a gorgeous country with amazing vistas and friendly people. We had an incredible adventure and can recommend Africa Adventure Safaris and especially Kenneth Muhindi.

Excellent experience overall
We were very satisfied with our gorilla trek in Uganda and golden monkey trek in Rwanda. Anna from Africa Adventure Safaris was very accommodating of our requests and helped put together an itinerary that worked for us. We had a great time with our driver guide, Gavis. He drove well, was full of information and entertained us on all our drives. Everything was well-organised, from water to meals, accommodation and transport. Great experience!

Trip of a Lifetime!
From the moment we had our minds said on going to Uganda my search to find the perfect agency to plan our travel began. While there were many companies available, the reviews that already existed and comments shared about trips convinced me from the start. While it took us some time to save to make this Christmas adventure possible, every minute of it exceeded our expectations.

What stands out most as I recall the build up and excitement for this trip were the organized and detailed plans shared promptly by Maclean after every email and inquiry I sent. From the very beginning it was the service and patience with questions that put me at ease with sending money from afar, planning from afar, and packing for a place I could hardly imagine.

When we look back at the pictures and remember the actual trip the individualized attention and personalized experiences are in thanks entirely to our guide Azariah. It was him who knew when we needed to stop for snacks, when we need a bathroom break, when we want to spend a little bit longer in each of the locations so perfectly planned from the office. His perception and genuine concern for our well-being and enjoyment of such a trip made each experience that much more special. As my husband said when we were parting ways at the end, ‘it was as though we were traveling with a friend, we never imagined having a guide could be so special and memorable.’

The actual experience of tracking the chimpanzees, tracking the gorillas, visiting the Batwa people on their land, visiting an orphanage school, observing traditional drum makers, and enjoying a boat ride and Safari Drive through the parts were as spectacular as everyone says. It is hard to relate the out of body experience you have when coming so close in contact with big animals as well as open and generous peoples.

What can be said, is that not a single element of the experience was done with half measures. Each person and service provided was not only safe, but incredibly special. As we go through our photos now we can only be thankful that Christmas of 2018 spent with Azariah will never be forgotten.

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