When and Where do I get my Uganda Tourist Visa?

A Ugandan tourist Visa can be easily accessed or got at the point of entrance in the country from the airport – Entebbe International Airport or at the Ugandan border. It is a very simple, reliable and quick process as you are required to fill an entrance form which costs $50 only! It is after acquiring a Ugandan Visa and then allowed into the country – the pearl of Africa, get a chance to visit Uganda wildlife in its finest destinations such as Bwindi impenetrable NP for mountain gorilla tracking, Queen Elizabeth national park as a home to the tree climbing lions, Kibale forest – a home to over 13 primate species and many more.
Is it possible to obtain the Visa at the entrance but not from the Ugandan Embassy in my country of residence?
Yes it’s possible but this will become more time consuming and costly as explained in the points below;

➢ It becomes more costly. The cost of the visa is the same both in Uganda at the entrance and at the embassy in your country of residency but more costs are included in that you will be required to pay for an overnight, postal services to and from your country of residence hence raising the Visa price.
➢ It saves time on arrival in that no time wasted in going to the embassy, filling the forms and then going back to pick up the Visa.
➢ No need of passport photos. It is also one way of saving in that at the entrance of Uganda, no passport photo is required however at any Ugandan embassy, these photos are required hence money is wasted in getting the required photos.
➢ When getting a Ugandan Visa at the entrance of the country, fewer forms i.e. the immigration form is required to be filled which is not the case if done at the embassy.
➢ If at all am rejected? This cannot happen. Ugandan migrations are very friendly, hospitable and polite. All you need to do is presenting your passport, paying a $50 charge, presenting a return ticket and sometimes a Yellow fever certificate.
The immigration process may look to be long instead it moves faster and very quick than how it would have been in your home of residence for example Australia, USA, China among others. The process usually takes 30-60 minutes waiting in a line and on retire, your luggage will just be showing up, hence no time wasted!
East African Tourist Visa: The Tourism industries in the East African countries are greatly diversifying in that since June 2011, the East African countries are planning to have a single tourist Visa that will be used to access all the countries with ease. However this is still under discussions and not yet confirmed by the involved countries such as Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Burundi.

Our Thoughts about the Tourism Visas: As resident in Uganda, tourists contribute a lot to the development of our economy. We are grateful to tourists who visit Uganda because every 20 visitors who come to Uganda provide income to the government which is used eradication of poverty in the country.