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What’s the day of Gorilla Trekking Like?

Is your gorilla trekking day coming closer? Are you wondering how the start and the entire day of the gorilla trek will be like? No worries, Africa Adventure gives you a highlight on what the day of gorilla trekking entails from start all through to the end. It’s obvious that most if not travelers coming to see mountain gorillas are very expectant and anxious on how the day can be like. It’s obvious that some travelers have fear for the hikes, others fear long walks while others are so anxious and cannot wait to meet face to face with a giant silverback gorilla. Trekking to see mountain gorillas can be such a long day, which starts very early and sometimes ends late in the day. The following is a guide about the day of gorilla trekking:

Transfer to the park headquarters

Gorilla briefing

Pre – gorilla Trekking Briefing

The day starts with you and your drive transferring from your hotel/lodge or camp to the respective national park headquarters for registration and pre gorilla trekking briefing. There is no single lodge you will find at the park headquarters but rather at some distance away. It’s at the park headquarters that travelers are introduced to the dos and don’ts of mountain gorilla safari for the safety of travelers and the endangered gorillas. All travelers are expected to have reached the park headquarters at 7:00 am when the briefing starts. For those trekking gorillas in Bwindi forest, the park has four headquarters one in each sector (Buhoma, Ruhiija, Rushaga, and Nkuringo) of Bwindi forest national park. Endeavor to trek gorillas in a sector where your lodge is located to avoid long drives in the morning. Also at the park headquarters, travelers are put together in groups of eight each given a gorilla family to trek. Any traveler who misses the gorilla briefing session stands high chances of missing to see gorillas. In fact, anyone who misses a briefing misses seeing gorillas.

Transfer to the gorilla trekking starting point

Bwindi Hiking trailsWhereas some treks start from the park headquarters, others begin a distance away from the briefing point hence require travelers to drive there. Fortunately, this distance s normally short and not steep taking roughly 20 minutes drive. Hiking starts there as you trek through the thick jungles with no clear path. Thankfully to your ranger guide who will slash a narrow path for you. Also, hiking time before reaching gorillas is unpredictable. It can be as short as less than an hour or take several hours depending on where gorillas will be located that day. Endeavor to follow the directions trackers who visit gorilla gorillas early to find out gorilla locations and avoid bouncing.

Meeting the gorillas

gorilla watching

An encounter with gorillas

You finally reach the gorillas and experience that magical feeling of being meters away from the silverback gorilla. You will spend an hour in the company of a gorilla family enjoying their human-like characters of gorillas. You will see the silverback guard a family like a human dad, see adult females nurse their babies while juveniles play continuously to keep the whole family lively hence a thrilling encounter. Trust me!, You will not remain the same. The allowed time to spend with gorillas is strictly an hour to take pictures, capture live videos and have fun with your lost relatives. A close encounter with mountain gorillas is ranked the best wildlife experience in the world, the top bucket list adventure on every African Safari.

Hiking back
Having spent an hour with gorillas, hike back to find your driver-guide at the starting point. Fortunately, hiking back is not as strenuous as hiking up. You will be full magical memories with gorillas hence find it easy to reach the starting pint within no time. Meet your driver-guide, pick your trekking permit and transfer to your hotel or the next destination.

Conclusively, an encounter with the endangered mountain gorillas will give you a new beginning. Get ready, book your next gorilla trip to Uganda, Rwanda or Congo, Contact Africa Adventure Safaris for booking and be part of this memorable encounter.

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