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UWA Penalties In National Parks

Uganda Wildlife Authority set penalties for people who misbehave in National parks and other protected areas in all parts of the country. The penalties are meant to ensure the safety of wildlife and travelers in the park. Travelers are reminded to read, understand and remember all rules and regulations guiding tourism in Uganda national parks to avoid falling victims of any offense which attracts a penalty. Each offense attracts a different penalty. These include:
Off tracking driving – – —————– US$ 150 Per incident
Over speeding – ————— UGX 100,000 per incident
Smart Card Loss —————US$ 20
Default on Tariffs ————— US$ 150

National Parks Regulations in Uganda

Do not camp or make campfire anywhere in the national park
Do not drive off tracks. Follow the tracks demarcated in national parks
Do not make sounding motor horns in the park. These disrupt wildlife
Do not drive the park in the park beyond 7:30 pm and before 6:30 am.
Don’t bring any pets in the park
Do not leave any litters in the park
Firearms are restricted in the park
Do not pick flowers or any plants in the park
Do not exceed the speed limit (40 km per hour) when driving through the park
Keep all entrance and payment receipts for inspection.

Gorilla Trekking Rules/Regulations
Uganda wildlife authority set rules/regulations to guide gorilla trekking in Bwindi forest and Mgahinga gorilla national parks. The rules are taught to the travelers during the pre gorilla trekking briefing at the park headquarters at the start of each gorilla trekking day. The dos and don’ts of gorilla trekking in Uganda include:

Before meeting gorillas
• Do not visit the endangered gorillas when sick
• Bury human waster 30 meters deep
• Only 8 people must trek a gorilla family

When with the gorillas

• Keep a distance of 7 meters away from gorillas
• Do not eat in the presence of gorillas
• Do not smoke when with gorillas
• Do not drink alcohol in the presence of gorillas
• Turn back your faces when coughing or sneezing
• Spend strictly an hour with the endangered gorilla
• Do not use flashlight cameras
• Keep within your group
• Speak at a low tone
• Do not run when a gorilla charges
• Do not touch the gorilla

Chimpanzee trekking Rules

These apply in all chimpanzee habits in Uganda, which include Kibale Forest National Park, Kyambura gorge in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Karinzu forest and Budongo forest in Murchison Falls National Park.
1. Do not enter the forest when sick
2. Do not leave any litter in the forest
3. Bury your waste 30cm deep
4. Keep quiet or speak at a low tone when with the chimpanzees
5. Keep seven meters away from chimpanzees
6. Do not mimic Chimpanzees Vocalization
7. Do not eat near chimpanzees
8. Do not chase/ run after chimpanzees
9. Do not use flashlight cameras

Distance Between Uganda National parks from Kampala
Since Kampala is a gateway to all national parks in Uganda, the distance between national parks and Kampala has been a concern for most travelers. Africa Adventure Safaris brings you details about the distance from Kampala to Uganda national parks. These distances are in kilometers.

Kidepo Valley national park ————————–571 Kilometers
Bwindi Forest National park ————————-512 Kilometers
Mgahinga gorilla national park————————482 kilometers
Rwenzori Mountains National Park ——————- 398 Kilometers
Queen Elizabeth National Park —————————-389 Kilometers
Semuliki National Park————————————-387 kilometers
Kibale Forest National park—————————-358 Kilometers
Murchison Falls National Park————————–305 Kilometers
Lake Mburo National park——————————–255 Kilometers
Mt Elgon National park————————————-299 Kilometers

For details and more travel information and advice to Uganda national parks, Contact Africa Adventure Safaris, your number one travel company.

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