Uganda Tourism Board asks government to cut on Visa Fees so as to attract Tourists

A Uganda tourist entry Visa today cost $100 equivalent to over Shs300,000 charged per tourists from the previous $50 doubled last year, which is actually the most expensive visa fee out of the rest of East Africa. On the other hand the single East African Visa, which grants visitors access to all East African countries including Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda goes for the same amount – $100. This makes destination Uganda a difficult destination to sale, with the unfavorable Visa rates which are too high. Uganda’s high visa fees scare away some tourists, opting to visit other East African countries where it is cheaper. In Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania visa fees is $50 per tourist.

Destination Uganda has so much to offer tourists with a variety of adventure activities which attract tourists to this destination. Uganda’s biggest trade mark is the rare endangered mountain gorillas which can only be found in 2 other destinations in the entire world. At present tourists are looking at Rwanda’s volcanoes national park as a more preferred destination mainly because of ease of access. With just about 2 hours drive from the Kigali international airport, accessing Volcanoes national park is much more convenient for all types of travelers as compared to 8-9 long hours of drive from Kampala or Entebbe international airport. Rwanda is a much easier destination for budget, business travelers with less time.

Uganda still is blessed with numerous unique wildlife which can be seen in the different national parks spread around the country.
Uganda’s neighboring country’s of Kenya and Tanzania offer a more authentic wildlife adventure experience as compared to the experience in Uganda. Still, Uganda’s unique trade mark the mountain gorillas can also be seen in Rwanda, her neighbor.

With Ugandan visa prices being high, Uganda will be missing out on a large number of potential tourists and hence losing foreign exchange and general unemployment for local tour operators.