Uganda safaris through Rwanda

Uganda Safaris Through Rwanda

There are many Uganda safaris you can do through Rwanda. Rwanda Uganda safaris have presently become common due to the high costs of Rwanda tours that discourage some travelers especially those travelling on budget leaving them with crossing to Uganda as the only option. Travelers interested in doing Uganda safaris through Rwanda fly into Kigali international airport and then cross to Uganda through katuna border in kabale or Cyanika border in kisoro district. Connecting from Kigali international airport in Rwanda to Uganda takes roughly 4 hours drive, which is far better than driving for the whole day (roughly 10 hours) from Entebbe international airport. The most done Uganda tours through Kigali include among others:

Gorilla trekking in Bwindi/Mgahinga
A 1-day Uganda gorilla trip is well done through Kigali. Here travelers setoff from Kigali at 3:00am driving for 4 hours to attend the pre-trekking briefing in Uganda’s Bwindi/Mgahinga gorilla national parks. Travelers who want to trek in Rushaga sector south of Bwindi are advised to cross through Cyanika border in kisoro while those to trek in Buhoma sector north of Bwindi are advised to cross through katuna border in kabale. After briefing, travelers then roam in the jungle for between 30 minutes to 7 hours in search of mountain gorillas depending on the gorilla families’ location and speed of their movements. Whichever time traveler’s slope from watching gorillas, they immediately drive back to Kigali for their return flights. A 1 day Uganda gorilla trip has made it possible for short time travelers giving them a chance to trek gorillas and enjoy this once in a lifetime experience. The double increase of gorilla permit costs in Rwanda from $750 to $1500 diverted the would have been Rwanda travelers to Uganda where gorilla permits are cheap at $600 for foreign residents, $500 for foreign residents and 250,000shs for East African residents.

Game viewing
Uganda game viewing safaris can also be done through Kigali Rwanda. Here travelers drive through Kigali-kabale-Mbarara route to Queen Elizabeth national park. It takes roughly 6 hours through ishasha sector south of Queen Elizabeth, Uganda’s second largest national park.

Batwa cultural trail
Those who want to meet and experience the batwa cultural trail in Mgahinga gorilla national park can do it better through Kigali. Here travelers cross through Cyanika Uganda border, drive 2 hours from kisoro town to Mgahinga to meet the batwa pygmies. Batwa cultural trail is the best way to experience the traditional forest life of batwa pygmies who lived in the forest as their permanent settlement. Batwa lead travelers into the forest to hunt, search for medicinal herbs, collect honey and perform other cultural rituals. A traditional dance is presented to entertain travelers making their experience awesome.

Virunga volcano climbing
Uganda is a home to three Virunga volcanoes i.e Mt Sabyinyo, Mt Gahinga and Mt Muhabura all in Mgahinga gorilla national park. Mt sabyinyo is in the border of Uganda and Rwanda hence can be hiked from either side. The three volcanoes together with the other five volcanoes in Rwanda and Congo make a chain of the Virunga volcanoes. Travelers hiking in Uganda from Kigali are advised to wakeup very early to catch up with the hiking time.

Golden monkey trekking
Mgahinga gorilla national park in southwestern Uganda is one of the two destinations to trek golden monkeys. Mgahinga forest is a home to 2 communities of golden monkeys, which have been habituated for trekking. Interestingly, a permit to see golden monkey costs $100, which is fairly cheap but worth the penny. The other population of golden monkeys lives in Rwanda’s volcanoes national park northwestern Rwanda. Golden monkeys re lively creatures and monkey specie, which is distinguished from other monkeys by their golden fur.

Visit to lake Bunyonyi
Do not miss chilling and canoeing at lake Bunyonyi in the far corner of southwestern Uganda bordering Rwanda. Lake Bunyonyi is one of the outstanding tourism features in southwestern Uganda which o traveler should miss oh his Uganda takes 3 hours and 30 minutes from Kigali airport to Bunyonyi.

In conclusion, Uganda trips have been made easy by connecting through Rwanda. Book a Uganda safari, fly into Kigali and cross over to Uganda for a memorable affordable experience in the pearl of Africa.

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