How is Uganda a Premier Tourism Destination

Gifted by nature, Uganda the pearl of Africa is undeniably a premier tourism destination you must not miss out on your uganda safaris.Blessed from the conducive climate, the rolling hills, hospitable people, a variety of wildlife and bird life in all parts of the country, Uganda offers it all to fulfill and exceed every travelers expectations on a safari. Right from Entebbe international airport, you feel a change. The fresh air and sea breezes from lake victoria along with the beautiful sceneries in the surrounding areas make you feel at home. Whichever part of the country you travel to, something new and unique awaits. All travelers who have ever been on a Uganda safari testify how Uganda is a distinct tourism destination. Looking at tourism and conservation, it has been a success evidenced by an increase in tourist arrivals from 700 in 1986 to 1.3 million travelers in 2016. Besides, progress in Uganda’s tourism is attributed to infrastructural developments, tight security and strong laws that have been put against poaching. The popular reasons why Uganda is a premier tourism destination include among others:

The conducive climate
It’s neither hot nor cold in Uganda but rather a best place to stay with two seasons. The dry season is between the months of June, July, August, September, December and February where as wet season is in March, April, May, and November. Dry season is the best for specific activities such as gorilla trekking and nature walks but all activities can as well be done in all seasons. What is most interesting about Uganda climate is that even after few minutes of down pour, the sun sets in and all the coldness disappears into air. Its interesting that In terms of altitude, Uganda’s lowest point is at 650 meters above the sea level while the highest point is at 5009 meters above the sea level which make the county best for agriculture and related tourism activities mainly agro tourism.

Mountain gorillas
Uganda offers the best wildlife encounter (gorilla trekking” being a home to the highest population of the world’s endangered mountain gorillas. Uganda gorilla safaris entail travelling deep into the tropical rain forests of Bwindi impenetrable; forest and Mgahinga gorilla national park both in southwestern Uganda. Interestingly, an encounter with gorillas in Uganda is quite cheaper at a cost of 600usd for a gorilla permit, which allow travelers to interact with the gentle giants for an hour. In the low season, gorilla passes are discounted to 450usd, which is an added advantage especially for budget travelers. 13 gorilla families have been habituated for trekking in Uganda 12 of which reside in Bwindi and 1 in Mgahinga gorilla national park. Besides gorilla trekking, Uganda is the only place to do gorilla habituation experience done in Rushaga sector of Bwindi national park. The experience allows travelers to take part in training wild gorillas o the presence of people with a group of conservationists, researchers and gorilla doctors. Habituation experience is a whole day encounter with the gentle giants in the wild where travelers spend four hours with the gorillas.

Bird watching
The pearl of Africa is a home to over 1,050 bird species inhabiting the forests, swamps and on the shores of water bodies. The common birding sites in Uganda include Mabamba bay wetland a home to rare species like swamp flycatcher, shoe bill, black kite, black headed heron, papyrus Gonolek, lesser jacana and malachite kingfisher among others. Bwindi impenetrable forest national park is a home to over 350 bird species 14 of which are not found else where in the whole country, Murchison falls national park shelters roughly 450 bird species along the Nile river, Kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth national park, is a home to slender tailed nightjars, grey headed kingfisher, African skimmer, African mourning dove and the migratory flamingoes at lake Bunyampaka. Birding in Uganda can also be done in Semuliki national park hosting 441 species in the riverine forests, kibale forest national park with over 375 bird species 6 of which are endemic to the albertine rift valley. Other birding sites include Budongo forest, lake Mburo national park and Rwenzori mountains national park. Travelers are assured of seeing different kinds of bird species and in-depth knowledge about each bird specie.

Wildlife viewing
Game viewing in the open savannah grasslands of Uganda is very interesting mostly done in Murchison falls national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, kidepo valley national park and lake Mburo national park. Uganda is rich in biodiversity, which include herds of elephants, buffalos, zebras, hippos, rhinos, lions, leopards, giraffes, warthogs, waterbucks, impalas, Uganda kobs and antelopes among others. Game viewing is done in the morning and evening hours targeting these animals grazing and hunting in the open savannahs. Experienced guides help you in spotting and explaining in details the unique characters about each animal specie in the park.

Cultural trails
Uganda is known for the unique cultures and hospitable people easy to associate with in a short time. The interesting cultural encounters in Uganda are the Batwa cultural trail in Mgahinga gorilla national park and Bwindi impenetrable forest national park. Here travelers interact with the traditional forest people who lived in harmony with wild animals in the forest for thousands of years. The Batwa pygmies demonstrate their forest life to the travelers inform of hunting, collecting honey and gathering fruits in the forest expanding travelers understanding of who the actual Batwa are. Besides the Batwa, travelers visit local people in their homes and take part in local activities such as grinding sorghum, preparing local foods, making local breweries and cultivation giving them an experience of the local life.

Mountain climbing
Besides wildlife, birds and hospitable people. Uganda is good for mountain climbing. The hiking spots in Uganda include Rwenzori mountains also known as the mountains of the moon famous for the permanent snow on its highest peak (Margherita). Hiking Rwenzori Mountains can start from either the central circuit or the Mahoma nature trail, which are the main hiking trails to the summit of the mountain. The mountain has three main peaks, which are the highest Margherita at an altitude of 5,109 meters above sea level, Speke at 8,889 meters above sea level and Luigi di Saviola at 4,626 meters above sea level. Other areas where mountaineering can be done are Mt Elgon, and the Virunga volcanoes (Mt Gahinga, Mt Sabyinyo and Mt Muhabura) in Mgahinga gorilla national park. Take part; hike any of the mountains rewarding you with a lifetime experience.

Conclusively therefore, Uganda offers its all that you want on your Uganda safari. Come, explore the pearl of Africa and you will never be the same again.

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