Uganda Entry Visa Price sliced to Half – $50

Starting July last year, the Uganda entry Visa was doubled from $50 to $100 which has not been a competitive entry fee compared to all other East African countries which are charging $50 and less. This price is high forcing travelers o rather go for the single East African visa which gives entry to all East African countries except Tanzania.

It was realized that the higher charges for the single tourist visa in Uganda was a cause for the less number of single entry tourists to Uganda as compared to the neighboring countries especially Kenya and Rwanda. Therefore in order to address this problem of low tourist arrivals to Uganda, with effect from 22nd July 2016, the cost of a single tourist visa was halved in order to encourage more visitors to the country.

The ministry of Uganda internal affairs decided to cut down the charges of the single tourist visa from 100usd to 5ousd which is believed to attract many single entry travelers to the country, it has already started working. This request was made by the official from the tourism department and it has already started working, all counties bordering Uganda have been notified to effect the change.

It has been quite unfair for single entry travelers to Uganda in that the costs for the single entry visa has been equal to the cost of the single East African visa which allows a traveler to cross over to all other East African countries. Both visas have been at 100usd which has been un fair for real that ended up discouraging travelers from coming to Uganda if at all they were not interested in crossing to the neighboring East African countries.

However, travelers are reminded that although the charges for the single tourist visa were changed, the fees for other visas including the multiple entry visas and transit permits were not changed.

The pearl of Africa Uganda is one of the East African countries that agreed to use a single East African tourist visa alongside Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania though Tanzania has not fully joined. All these East African countries have their side single tourist visa s for all travelers to their countries not crossing to other east African countries.

The East African tourist visa is sold at usd100 and it allows a traveler to cross to all east African countries without paying again, it can be obtained from any member country which is the first to visit. All other east African countries except Uganda have been charging a single tourist visa in their respective countries at relatively cheaper prices as compared to the single East African visa.

Many travelers have been opting for the East African visa which is valid for 90 days and would leave out a single entry visa to Uganda. Also, many travelers had not known that a single East African visa can be renewed after the expiry date; they would therefore end up missing out visiting some destinations because of the limited time to explore all East African countries and the unique features and natural resources in each country.

For all travelers visiting Uganda, the single tourist visa expires upon entering Uganda and all travelers are given a visitor’s permit valid for a month. However, after the expiry date, the visitor’s permit can be extended for a period of six months depending on the reasons given by the traveler. It is an advantage for the travelers who will purchase a single entry tourist visa in Uganda since it can be used for both tourism and business which is not the case with the single East African visa.

The Uganda tourism board has also made it more easier by putting in place the online visa application system which is a great advantage for the travelers in terms of time saving and limited costs as compared to getting a visa upon arriving at the airport. Travelers only visit the Uganda’s electronic immigration system and then to the page of visas., everything is done online and the traveler gets the confirmation and all the details on line before arriving in Uganda. This is a great achievement as far as tourism in Uganda is concerned.

As of 2015, Uganda received over 1.2 million tourists and the Uganda tourism board has embarked on a campaign by cutting the visa prices and on line visa application system in order to promote tourism in Uganda. Therefore, all travelers planning trips should take advantage of these opportunities Uganda has promoted for the greater, enjoyable and memorable experience.