Uganda Airlines behind schedule for first commercial flights

Uganda Airlines Behind the Schedule for its First Commercial Flight

Uganda airline may not operate its first commercial flight as was scheduled earlier. The national airline was planned to reach the skies in July 2019 but this may not work out due to unfinished tasks. Till now, Uganda Airline has not received its air operator’s certificate (AOC), which permits it to run commercial air transport operations. The certificate is to be issued by the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority once the national carrier meets all standards. The national carrier has so far finished two first phases and is working on accomplishing the third and fourth phases before July 2019. Other requirements include the perfect personnel and other necessary requisites to put a house in order. Uganda airline was revived in April 2019 when it received its first set of 2 Bombardier CRJ planes after several years of non-operating. This gave hope for the revived operations of the country’s national carrier.

What is AOC?
The Air Operators Certificate is an authorization given to an aircraft to operate commercial businesses. The AOC tell details about the aircraft such as airports it flies to and out, the purpose for operating, aircraft type, registration number and the geographic area where the aircraft will cover. Uganda Civil Aviation Authority will permit Uganda airlines to operate when all phases are complete.

What is required to get an Air Operator’s Certificate?
Besides, completing the four phases, an aircraft is required to have some other basics before it’s allowed to the operator for commercial reasons. Among the requirements are personnel (qualified workers), physical assets and a strong system that guarantee the safety of employees and the general public. Without these, an aircraft cannot be given a certificate to operate. Also, the airline is required to acquire a human resource, technical control team, supplier contract negotiations for Operational services, catering and fuel services before it’s allowed to fly into the skies. Uganda airlines is also expected to get a brand for its self, uniform design and also set up permanent commercial offices. More still, the national carrier is required to have a distribution network for all members of the airline association, reservations/ bookings systems, online methods and payment gateways among others. Fortunately, Uganda radio network (URN) confirmed that all requirements are almost done which gives hope for near future operations.

Way forward
The management of Uganda airline has not given up yet on meeting the deadline. For the few remaining days, the ministry is focused on tackling basic requirements. These include hiring a number of service providers to make bookings and handle cargo in Uganda and different travelers destinations. Uganda airlines are currently renting offices but will soon set up permanent offices in Kampala and Entebbe. Marketing strategies such as consigning with travel agents to sell tickets are yet to be complete. Regarding air space rights, Uganda has so far signed bilateral air service agreements with Canada, Israel, and Switzerland. This is a good move so far. The country is still negotiating for air space rights with Oman, Spain, and Qatar, which will be complete soon.

Who are the new board of directors for Uganda airlines?
Just like any business, Uganda airlines have a board of directors running all the operations. These include Ahabwe Perez the minister of State for local government, Benon Kajuna, Godfrey Ssemugooma, Catherine Aside, Rehema Mutazindwa, Charles Hamya, and Aziku Zua. These people are tasked to ensure smooth airline operations and make sure the airline is self-sustainable. The ministry of works and permanent secretary encouraged the board of directors to be efficient without giving any room for incompetence. The board is also tasked to ensure consistent value and quality services avoiding all mistakes that led to the collapse of Uganda airline.

Generally, the revival of Uganda airlines is an achievement for Uganda tourism and travel. The yet to start flights will obviously promote tourism and ease movements to and from the pearl of Africa. Fly with Uganda airlines; get the best services at affordable rates not compromising the value.