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Trekking Gorillas in Mgahinga Forest From Kigali

You can now trek Uganda gorillas in Mgahinga forest National park from Kigali Rwanda. Flying to Kigali and crossing to Uganda for gorilla trekking is the best alternative for short time travelers. It only takes 5 hours drive from Kigali to Mgahinga forest saving you a full day driving (roughly 10 hours) from Entebbe international airport to Mgahinga gorilla national park. Mgahinga is Uganda’s smallest park located in Kisoro district in southwestern Uganda. The park is home to Nyakagyezi gorilla family and the endangered golden monkeys plus numerous bird species.

How to trek gorillas in Mgahinga from Kigali
If you are doing a 1 days Uganda gorilla trek in Mgahinga gorilla national park from Kigali, you will leave Kigali at 3:30 am. Meet your driver-guide at your hotel in Kigali or the airport, drive through Kigali and cross via Cyanika border in Kisoro connecting to Mgahinga Forest. The park is roughly an hour’s drive from Kisoro town hence the easy to reach gorilla national park in Uganda. Drive for 5 hours, reach Ntebeko park headquarters at 7:00m and join a pre gorilla trekking briefing. You then embark on a hike to meet the endangered gorillas, which lasts, between 30 minutes to 7 hours, spend an hour with Nyakagyezi gorilla family, hike back and drive to Kigali for your return flight.

Gorilla permits in Mgahinga Gorilla National park

Uganda gorilla permits

Gorilla Permit in Uganda

Only 8 gorilla permits are available in Mgahinga forest every day. Nyakagyezi is the only gorilla family in Mgahinga forest visited by a group of eight people every day. Each gorilla permit costs $600 and will cost $700 from 1st July 2020. All permits are bought directly from Uganda Wildlife Authority or through Africa Adventure Safaris your number one travel company in Uganda. Gorilla permit booking is recommended as early as 6 months before the trekking date due to high demand for Uganda gorilla trips. A 1-day Uganda gorilla trip to Mgahinga costs roughly $900 inclusive of
• A gorilla permit,
• Ground transport,
• Park ranger fees,
• Bottled drinking water
• Packed lunch,
• Government taxes,
• Miscellaneous
• Full day English speaking guide.
The tour cost excludes
• Driver /porters Tip
• International flights
• Personal shopping
• Insurance
• Extra activities not in the itinerary
• Alcoholic beverages

What to pack for gorilla trekking in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park
You must pack the appropriate essentials if your gorilla safari is to be successful. A full packed trekking list is a key for a successful gorilla trekking safari in Mgahinga and all other gorilla destinations in East and Central Africa. Other the things you must pack for gorilla trekking include:
1. Hiking boots to ease your movements through the jungle
2. Gardening gloves to protect your hands
3. Sunglasses/hat for protection from direct sun
4. Rain jackets to protect from unpredicted forest weather
5. First aid kit
6. Drinking water
7. Energy giving snacks
8. Long-sleeved shirts
9. Long pants
10. Long stockings tacked into the trouser
11. Insect repellant

Other tourist activities to do in Mgahinga Gorilla park beyond gorillas
Mgahinga gorilla national park offers travelers an endless list of memorable travel activities and attraction. Other tourist activities to do in Mgahinga gorilla national park beyond gorilla trekking include:
Golden monkey trekking
It’s undeniable that golden monkey trekking is second to mountain gorilla trekking in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Golden monkey trekking in Uganda

Golden monkeys in Mgahinga Forest

Of recent, over 90% of travelers to Mgahinga forest opts to visit golden monkeys. Interestingly. A permit to trek golden monkeys cost $100, which is less compared to $600 for a mountain gorilla permit. Contact Africa Adventure Safaris, book your golden monkey permit and be part of this memorable adventure.

Batwa cultural trail
Join batwa pygmies into Mgahinga forest national park to learn more about Batwa’s traditional forest life. There you are guided into Mgahinga forest o collect honey, pick medical herbs and hunt just the way these pygmies did during their stay in the jungle. Taking part in the Batwa cultural trail is the best way to learn about the traditions, norms, and cultures of Batwa pygmies. The Batwa experience costs $80 per person.

Volcano climbing
Mgahinga forest national park is home to 3 extinct volcanoes i.e Mt Muhabura, Mt Gahinga, and Mt Sabinyo hence the best place for hiking adventures. Hiking to the summit of ay volcano offers you best views of other Virunga volcanoes, Virunga conservation area, and the neighboring local communities. Booking a Uganda hiking tour, climb to the top of the Virunga volcanoes and enjoy this memorable experience with Africa Adventure Safaris.

In general, you can fly to Kigali Rwanda and trek mountain gorillas in Mgahinga gorilla national park. Contact Africa Adventure Safaris today, book your gorilla adventure to Mgahinga, hike the Virunga Volcanoes, learn about Batwa pygmies and trek golden monkeys for a remarkable experience.

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