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Top National Parks In Western Uganda

Uganda, the pearl of Africa has 10 national parks scattered in different corners of the country. Each of these national parks is unique and exceptional in its own kind in terms of attractions, activities, location and history. Despite the 10 parks and many other protected areas, Uganda has, western Uganda stands out as exceptional. Over 60% of all tourist arrival in Uganda opts to visit western Uganda. There are endless treasures to explore and enjoy on your Uganda safari to western Uganda. The best national parks to visit in western Uganda include:

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National park
Uganda gorilla toursLocated in Kabale and Rubanda districts, Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park is the number one top visited national park in Uganda. The former home for Batwa pygmies shelters half of the world’s mountain gorillas hence the center of gorilla safaris in Africa. The impenetrable forest is home to 17 gorilla families, which have been habituated for trekking. Each day, 136 travelers have a chance to trek gorillas in Bwindi Forest. Among the gorilla families in Bwindi forest include Mubare, Rushegura, Habinyanja, Bwengye, Oruzogo, Busingye, Nkuringo, Mishaya, Katwe, Christmas, Bweza, Kahungye, Bitukura, Kyaguliro, and Nshongi, gorilla group. Fortunately, gorilla trekking in Bwindi costs $600 per permit, which is faraway cheap compared to $1500 in neighboring Rwanda. More still, the Rushaga sector south of Bwindi forest is a Centre for gorilla habituation experience in which wild mountain gorillas are trained to get familiar with human presence before they are declared free for trekking. Bikyingi and Bushaho gorilla families are currently undergoing training and will be opened to trekking soon. Besides gorilla trekking, Bwindi forest is the best place for bird watching, forest/nature walks, waterfall hiking, and Batwa cultural experiences, which together make a complete safari package. Also, Bwindi has a variety of lodging facilities such as Mahogany Springs Lodge, Gorilla Safari Lodge, Bakiga Lodge, Bwindi Forest Lodge, Buhoma Lodge, Clouds lodge and Ichumbi lodge which serve travelers with luxury, midrange, and budget food and sleeping services with quality value.

Queen Elizabeth National park
Queen Elizabeth National parkRanked Uganda’s second-largest national park, Queen Elizabeth National park is a must-visit on your Uganda safari to western Uganda. The park is home to the highest number of wildlife hence the best spot for game viewing in Uganda. Among the animals seen in Queen Elizabeth National park include Elephants, lions, waterbucks, elands, Topis, Impalas, Uganda kobs, Buffalos, warthogs, Hippos and the famous tree-climbing lions among others. Besides animals, QENP is home to numerous bird species spotted on the banks of Channel channel that connects Lake Edward and Gorge. A boat cruise at Kazinga channel offers you a fresh feeling of the cold breezes plus spectacular views of animals and birds. Still in Queen Elizabeth National park, visit the different crater lakes which include Katwe salt lake, Lake Munyanyange for flamingoes, Lake Nyamunuka which has healing water and Lake Bumnyampaka among others. Each lake is different from the other. More so, go for chimpanzee trekking in Kyambura gorge and enjoy a magical encounter with the calm and friendly chimps of this area. Lion tracking in the plains of Kasenyi offers you with the best experimental lion experience in Uganda at only $50. The top lodges in Queen Elizabeth National park include Mweya Safari Lodge, Ishasha wilderness Cap, Kasenyi Safari camp, Ihamba lodge, Park b view Lodge and Marafiki Safari lodge among others. The friendly and experienced staff at all these lodges serve you with excellent food and sleeping services all days and nights.

Kibale Forest National park
Also known as the “primate capital” of Africa, Kibale Forest National park is a center of chimpanzee safaris in Uganda. The rain forest hosts over 5000 chimpanzees and hence the best place for Uganda chimpanzee safaris. Besides, Kibale forest is home to more 12 primates, who include mangabeys, blue monkeys, Vervet monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, black and white Colobus, baboons and many others. The high numbers of primates that call Kibale forest national park their home make it a first stop Centre for Uganda primate safaris. Also, kibale forest offers you with excellent Chimpanzee Habituation Experience (CHEX) in which travelers spend a full day learning and enjoying the company of their closest relatives (chimpanzees).

Murchison falls National Park
Murchison falls national parkFound in northwestern Uganda, Murchison fall national park is Uganda’s largest and oldest park. The park has a high concentration of wild animals and hence the best spot for game viewing in Uganda. The park is called after the mighty “Murchison Falls” which flow in the heart of the Park. Game drives through the open savannahs of the park offer you excellent views of numerous wild animals which include giraffes, lions, leopards, buffalos, leopards, Uganda kobs, Topis, Hippos, waterbucks, Jacksons heartbeats, Oribis and elephants among others. Also, a boat cruise to the bottom of Murchison falls offers you the best views of birds, the calm river Nile waters, fishing villages and wildlife in the park.

Rwenzori Mountains National Park
A hike to Margarita peak of Mount Rwenzori offers you the best mountaineering experience in Uganda. The ice-capped mountain is located in Kasese district in the borders of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The top of Margarita offers you the best views of local communities, gardens and Rwenzori National park and all the wildlife in the park.

In general, western Uganda has it all you need to see and do on your Uganda Safari. Go gorilla trekking in Bwindi Forest, visit Murchison falls, tree-climbing lions in the Ishasha sector and hike to the top of Mount Rwenzori for a memorable experience with Africa Adventure Safaris.

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