what to avoid on a uganda safari

Top things to Avoid on Your Uganda Safari

Uganda has on several occasions been ranked among the top tourism destinations each traveler must visit before he or she dies. The country is naturally endowed with beautiful sceneries, amazing wildlife, hospitable people, birds, lakes, rivers, and intresting history among others. The combination of these makes a complete Uganda safari package which attracts thousands of travelers from all over the world. Over years Uganda tourism board has registered an increased number of travelers coming for gorilla watching, chimpanzee trekking, bird watching, game viewing and other wildlife experiences rewarding them with lasting memories. Just like traveling to any destination, there are risks involved. In this documentary, we are not talking a boy what to see and do in Uganda but rather the things every traveler must avoid on a Uganda safari to ensure his safety and his/her property. The following are things you must avoid in Uganda.

Avoid self-driving
Much as some travelers opt for self-driving in Uganda, this act is highly discouraged for the first time travelers. If you are visiting Uganda for the very first time, PLEASE get a driver guide to avoid getting lost or bumping into troubles. Many risks including taking wrong routes are likely to happen on a safe drive safari, which can be time wasting and also waste money. Also, Uganda has traffic rules, which every driver must follow to avoid accidents. Also in Uganda, most roads are not well marked which could make a first self-driver get lost in a new environment. Fortunately, Gorilla Trek Africa offers travelers driver guides to take them around making it easy, quick and enjoyable.

Avoid crossing the road anyhow
Whether driving or walking, never cross a Ugandan road anyhow. All people using the road are advised to read carefully and follow the traffic rules to avoid problems. If you are planning to join a road, you are advised to look, right, look left and then cross. Also, travelers walking are advised to consider using a zebra crossing, which is a sign of pedestrians crossing. Even if you are driving on a high way road, avoid over speeding and road traffic rules.

Avoid public transport and use of Boda Bodas
It’s okay to use public means of transport but not for the first time traveler. In most cases, taxi drivers and boda-boda riders take advantage of the first time travelers who do not know exactly where they are going. Also, tourists in public means of transport are overcharged compared to other people in a taxi, which is not fair. Travelers using public transport are advised to first ask other people in the taxi about the actual cost to avoid being cheated. Boda-bodas are so far the quickest means of transport in Uganda but the highest cause of accidents. Travelers are highly discouraged to board any boda-boda they come across since some riders are also robbers.

Avoid clubbing and traveling at night in Uganda
Nightlife and clubbing is one of spending free time in Uganda but highly discouraged for the first time travelers. Clubbing is all about drinking, eating and dancing with people returning home very late or even in the morning. This is not surely good for someone who is not familiar with the environment. First-time travelers are therefore are advised to avoid going into these clubs which are some times are associated with robbery and fighting by this who are drunk. If you decide to go for clubbing, avoid leaving your drinks in the one without anyone attending to it. Also, avoid flashing a large sum of money, which can attract the attention of many people some of whom are thieves. If you have valuables like phones, ATM cards, avoid exposing them.

Avoid foods that might make you sick
For the first time travelers, please avoid foods from street vendors such as Rolex, chapatti, roadside snacks, fast foods and roasted maize among others. Similarly, avoid eating raw uncooked things such as salads; raw cabbages, which can cause stomach upset for those no used to them. For those with buffest in hotels, make sure the food is kept hot to avoid eating cold foods, which are not good for you. Fortunately, some most moderate and upmarket lodges provide bottled water for other clients.

Avoid drinking tap water in Uganda
Travelers are reminded to avoid drinking any water they come across. Avoid drinking water from the tap, wells, ponds, rivers, and lakes since it’s not safe. Before drinking any water, make sure it has treated and boiled to avoid drinking contaminated water. Bottled water is the very recommended water to buy in Uganda especially that one of Rwenzori bottling company.

Avoid leaving valuables/cash in your room
As soon as travelers check into the lodge/hotel, they are advised to keep their property in the safe in their rooms and put their security code that no one knows about. For the rooms, which have no safes, travelers are reminded to keep their valuables especially driving cards, cash, ATM and other travel documents with the front desk that promise to keep them safe. While going into the field for gorilla trekking, game viewing ad forest walks, travelers are advised not to carry any property which can get lost in the jungle or be exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Avoid swimming where not sure
Uganda is undeniably endowed with natural lakes and rivers, which flow in different corners of the country. For that reason, swimming is one of the best activities travelers like to take part in especially during their free times. However, travelers are reminded not to jump onto any water they come across. Some waters are homes to hippos, crocodiles, and others infected with bilharzia. Swimming in Uganda is mostly done at Lake Mutanda and lake Bunyonyi all in southwestern Uganda. Also, travelers are advised to make use of the swimming pools at most lodges.

Avoid getting ill on a safari
Before and during your Uganda safari, travelers are reminded to seek medication to prevent any kind of sickness. As we all know that prevention is better than cure, travelers are advised to go for immunizations, carry insect repellents, eat hot food, swallow anti-viruses and use Sani-wipes to avoid contracting diseases.

We are ever ready to ensure your safety and comfort in the pearl of Africa. Boo your Uganda safari, avoid the above mistakes, enjoy Uganda activities especially gorilla watching and other wildlife experiences at affordable rates.