Rushaga Gorilla Family receives new born Gorilla

Situated in Buhoma sector north of Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, Rushegura family was formerly part of the Habinyanja gorilla group. The family presently has approximately 19 members under the leadership of Kabukojo the dominant silver back and the other members are kyinvi, kibande, Buzinza, Nyamunwa, karungi as adult females, kalemezi the sub adult male, Ruterana sub adult female, Nyampazi, kanywanyi and kafuruka as juveniles, kibande and Karungyi as baby juveniles, Kyirinvi, Buzinza, Nyamunwa, Kibande and katabazi as infants. Recently, Rurena gave birth to a newborn baby expanding on the family.
The newborn baby was discovered by Mr Stephen Rubanga a veterinary technician in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park who found baby being held tightly by its mother Ruterana. This was during his early morning visit to the gorilla families and then the news was acknowledged by a local gorilla conservation non-called conservation through public health.

It is believed that after Mwirima’s failure to live peacefully with his brother Rwansigazi, the two had to separate and Mwirima formed his own family named Rushegura in February 2002. Mwirima took with him 12 members from the former family (Habinyanja).

The dominant silverback (Mwirima) was ambitious and worked very hard to expand his family. By 2010, the family had over 19 members gained through attacking other families and grabbing members adding to Rushegura group. Mwirima was well known for fighting and winning the battles; he once attacked Makara group and fought to the end emerging as a winner. Him and his family members then foraged in the battlefield commemorating his remarkable victory. In 2014, Mwirima passed away and kabukojo the then black back took over leadership up to present.

It is considered a blessing having a new baby born in the family; it’s worth a heaven sent opportunity ensuring the continuity of the family.
More still, it is a privilege to the trekkers as the baby gorillas are so exciting due to their playful characters during visitor’s encounter with the family.
Still in Buhoma sector, there are other two-habituated gorilla along Rushegura, which are Habinyanja, and Mubare family the first group to be habituated and trekked by the first visitors in Bwindi.

In conclusion therefore, mountain gorilla trekking is the best wildlife encounter in the whole world, travelers are ensured of a great experience by visiting Rushegura family and interacting with the newborn babies along with other family members.