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Ruhija Sector Of Bwindi Forest National Park

Why Visit Ruhija Sector Of Bwindi Forest National Park
Gorilla tours to Bwindi are done in four sectors that make up Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park. The four gorilla regions are Buhoma, Rushaga, Ruhija and Nkuringo each of which is exceptional in its own way. In this documentary, we zero down to Ruhija sector and the reasons you should visit it on your gorilla safari in this impenetrable forest. Situated in the Eastern part of the national park, Ruhija is a best sector worth exploring. The exceptions that make Ruhija a best stop for your Uganda gorilla safari include among others:

Mountain gorilla Trekking

Mountain gorillas are a key attraction for all visitors to Ruhija sector. This region is a home to three gorilla families namely, Kyaguliro, Oruzogo and Bitukura all available for trekking every day. Like in other sectors, 8 people visit a gorilla family each day, hence 24-gorilla permits available in Ruhija everyday visit each family in Ruhija region. A traveler has a choice to select which gorilla family he/she wants to trek depending on the availability of permits. Trekkers are reminded to carry the appropriate packing list with hiking shoes, long pants and rain jackets to ease gorilla trekking. A gorilla permit is a must have for everyone going to see mountain gorillas costing $600 for foreign non residents, $500 for foreign residents and 250,000UGX for east African residents. Potters are highly recommended to carry you bag and give support where necessary. Travelers are also given packed lunch since the actual time to send in the forest is unpredictable and changes depending on the toughness of the hikes, location f gorillas and traveler’s physical fitness.

Batwa pygmy encounters
Do not miss out visiting Batwa communities in the boundaries of the forest. Batwa are the indigenous dwellers of Bwindi forest that were evicted to the forest edges in 1991 when gorilla tourism was introduced in the park. An encounter with the Batwa rewards you with an extensive understanding of their traditional forest life, norms, and cultures. Batwa elders guide you into the forest to demonstrate their initial forest practices like hunting, collecting honey, and picking medicinal herbs. Batwa further demonstrate their traditional songs and dances as a form of entertainment to visitors.

Visiting community projects
While in Ruhija, visit and support community based projects owned and run by local people. Different community projects especially crafts, baskets weaving and bee keeping have been established to support local livelihoods. These projects receive tourism funding and are a key source of employment for local people some of whom are former porters. Tourists who visit these projects are given a chance to take part in these activities, which make them feel part of the community, an experience they cannot forget. Tourism projects have been a source of occupation for women, men and youth, earning them a living to improve their standards of living. Local projects also help to generate delicate balance between the environment, wildlife conservation and sustainable development in Ruhija and the whole Bwindi.

Bird watching
For birders, Ruhija is a best spot for bird watching. The region is a home to nearly 23 endemic bird species which include grey bush shrike, starred robin, yellow streaked greenbul, hornbills, Turacos, Dusky Crimson Wing and yellow-eyed black fly-catcher among others. Ruhija is therefore a recognized Important Bird Area (IBA) for its global conservation importance. Travelers are reminded to bring binoculars for easy spotting. Experienced guides help you spot birds and explain the unique features for each spotted bird specie, which make this experience indeed exceptional.

Forest walks
A nature walk through this quite cool impenetrable forest is an experience of its own kind. This walk is a best way to discover the entire gem in the forest, waterfalls, caves and rocks which make it mote beautiful. Expect to meet animals and enjoy the sweet sounds of birds singing up in the trees.

Comfortable lodges
Travelers to Ruhija are assured of comfortable, safe and luxury lodging services at affordable prices. Popular lodge in Ruhija include Bakiga Lodge, Gorilla Mist Camp, Trekkers Tavern lodge and Agandi lodge among others. Professional chefs, waiters, house keepers are available 24 hours to serve you with quality food and sleeping services. Travelers are advised to book for accommodation at least 2 months before travelling for timely preparations.

Cool and conducive weather
The cool stinging breezes that cover up the whole of Ruhija region especially at night make this region exceptional. The extreme but conducive cold weather in Ruhija is attributed to the hilly terrain and dense forests, which make up the region. In the morning hour’s dawn, forest fog stays until 11am good for photography. In the night travelers are given warm water bottles to provide them with some warmth and get away with freezing in the coldness.

In general, Ruhija sector in eastern Bwindi is surely worth visiting. Book a Uganda gorilla safari to Bwindi forest national park, meet the endangered gorillas in their natural habitat and enjoy this once in a lifetime experience.