Uganda safaris

Popular Reasons to Visit Uganda

A Safari to the pearl of Africa is surely a life changing experience that all travelers have. Which ever corner you travel to, some thing new and unique awaits to meet and exceed your travel expectations. A safari to Uganda is an experience of it own kind associated with beautiful sceneries, national parks, rich culture, hospital people, peace and security which all together make a satisfactory travel package in Uganda not hardly found in other tourism destinations.

Mountain gorillas
Uganda is a place to see the endangered mountain gorillas. There are roughly 880-mountain gorillas surviving in the whole world 400 of which reside in Uganda’s tropical rain forests of Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga gorilla national parks both in southwestern Uganda. This makes Uganda a unique tourism destination with the endangered gorillas hardly found in the universe. There are over 36 gorilla families in Uganda 13 of which have been habituated and opened for trekking. More still, the remaining population for mountain gorillas is shared by Rwanda in volcanoes national park and DR Congo in virunga national park. More still, Uganda’s mountain gorillas are trekked at a cost of 600usd in the peak season and 450usd in the low season. Besides trekking, gorilla habituation experience is another interesting thing not to miss out and is only done in Uganda worldwide. It’s a process of familiarizing wild gorilla to the presence of people done between 2-3 years. At present, two gorilla families of Bushaho and Bikyingi are undergoing habituation in Rushaga sector of Bwindi impenetrable forest national park.

Chimpanzee trekking is yet another interesting experience that brings you closer to the close relatives of human beings sharing approximately 99.9% of human genes. The tropical rain forest of Kibale forest national park is a home to the highest population of chimpanzees in Uganda and Africa as a whole. These inhabit the tropical rain forest of kibale forest national park and there are approximately 5000 chimpanzees inhabiting there. This therefore makes Uganda is a stop center for chimpanzee trekking. Besides chimpanzee, kibale forest national park offer you an opportunity to encounter other animal such as Colubuses, Olive baboon, Vervet monkeys, Grey cheeked mangabey, L’Hoest monkeys, Red tailed monkeys, Black and white Colubuses, and nocturnal animals such as Pottos and bush babies along with various bird species. A variety of wildlife in the national park makes the entire experience interesting and memorable. Chimpanzee habituation is also worth doing and is only done in Kibale forest national park.

Game/wildlife viewing
Mostly done in the open plains of Murchison falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth national park, Kidepo valley national park and Lake Mburo national park. A safari to Uganda exposes you to a variety of wildlife. The open savannahs provide spectacular views of various wildlife, browsing, grazing and hunting in the open grasses. Game drives one in morning and evening hours is the best time to see wildlife. A variety of animal both herbivores and omnivores are seen and these include Buffalos, lions. Leopards, elephants, zebras, giraffes, warthogs, waterbucks, cheetah and Oribis among others. A boat cruise at the mighty falls of Murchison and kazinga channel provide good views of wildlife on the shores of the lake.

Uganda is a home to over 1,050 bird species, which make it a haven for birders. Among the birding spots in Uganda include Mabamba bay wetland, Bigodi wetland sanctuary, Budongo forest, kazinga channel and Lutembe bay wetland sanctuary among others. The most spotted birds in Uganda include shoebill, papyrus Gonolek, swamp flycatcher, pied kingfisher, black kite, African jacana, lesser jacana, African marsh harrier, grosbeak, Veillot’s black weaver, Flamingoes, Ibises and yellow-billed stork among others. You are reminded to come along with binoculars for clear views and experienced guides help to explain in details about each spotted bird specie.

Not only does Uganda offer wildlife experiences but authentic culture. Uganda people are known for hospitality and easy to associate with. There are over 54 tribes in Uganda each with unique traditions and cultures. The Batwa pygmies in southwestern Uganda are the most visited people with unique traditions and cultures. While with the Batwa, travelers are introduced to the Batwa traditional forest life such as fruit gathering, hunting and traditional dances. Travelers also visit the Karamajong in Kidepo Valley national park northeastern Uganda. Travelers always take part in these traditional activities, which make them feel as part of the community an experience they cannot forget.

Conclusively therefore, travel to Uganda and enjoy a memorable expereince.