Why trek gorillas in Rwanda after Covid19

Postcovid19 Rwanda Gorilla Safaris

Rwanda gorilla safaris in Volcanoes National Park will resume shortly after the defeat of the novel corona Virus in the country. The outbreak of Covid19 in Rwanda forced Rwanda Development Board to hurriedly close Volcanoes National Park and temporariry suspend all gorilla trekking tours that had been booked to protect the endangered gorillas from catching the deadly virus. Its now 2 months since Volcanoes National Park was closed in a bid to prevent the spread of the deadly virus to the endangered mountain gorillas Travel operators and travelers were advised to reschedule their gorilla trekking permits to any future date up to 2022. Fortunately, rescheduling of gorilla permits to any later date calls for no penalty or rescheduling fee.

Why trek gorillas in Rwanda after Covid19?
Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills should be your postcovid19 gorilla safari destination. Yes, Rwanda is a luxury gorilla tor destination in Africa offering you the very best gorilla encounters in the wild. The ease of access to Volcanoes National Park (roughly 3 hours drive) from Kigali International Airport gives short time travelers. This gives them chance to visit and trek the endangered mountain gorillas to enjoy the best wildlife experience. Volcanoes National park is best for 1-Day Rwanda gorilla trek. Travelers doing a 1-Day Rwanda gorilla trek set off from Kigali at 4:30 am to reach the park by 7:00 am for a pre gorilla trekking briefing. The trek to see gorillas lasts for between 30 minutes to several hours depending on the location of the allocated gorilla family and gorilla’s speed of movements. However, travelers are 99.9% sure of meeting the gorillas at the end of the trek.

What if travelers fail to see the gorillas?
In rare cases where travelers fail to meet the allocated gorilla family at the end of the trek, they are given another chance to trek the next day. Travelers will be allowed to visit a different gorilla family without paying. Failure to see gorillas on the first day of trekking may be due to bad weather and any other natural factor. However, if a traveler fails to reach the gorillas due to his/her physical inability or sickness, he will not be allowed to trek again unless he pays for a new gorilla trekking permit. Travelers intending to visit gorillas are therefore advised to do physical exercises to avoid disappointments.

Cost of Rwanda Uganda Safaris

The cost of Rwanda gorilla safaris is $1500 for all travelers regardless of one’s nationality. Rwanda’s gorilla permit prices were hiked in 2017 from $750 to $1500 transforming Rwanda into a luxury gorilla safari destination. The reason for the increase of Rwanda gorilla permits was meant to promote mountain gorilla conservation and ensure sustainable gorilla tours in the land of a thousand hills. Also, the hike of Rwanda tours was meant to support local communities living adjacent to Volcanoes national park. A gorilla permit booking in Rwanda is recommended at least 6 months prior to the trekking date. Gorilla permit booking can be done directly with Rwanda Development Board or Africa Adventure Safaris, the number one gorilla safari company in East Africa

Guide to Rwanda gorilla trekking

At the start of the trekking day, travelers gather at Kinigi park headquarters for guidelines and pre gorilla trekking briefing. Travelers are then introduced to the rules and regulations of gorilla trekking to ensure the safety and the safety of the endangered mountain gorillas. The dos and don’t of gorilla trekking in Rwanda include:
• Carry your permit to the trekking date
• Do not trek when sick. Mountain gorillas are susceptible to human diseases
• Avoid direct eye contact with the mountain gorillas
• Do not use flashlight cameras
• Do not touch the gorillas
• Keep a distance of seven meters way from the gorillas
• Keep your voices low
• Keep within your groups
The postcovid19 Rwanda safaris should be at the top of your bucket list on your next Africa safari. Book your Rwanda gorilla permit today, get ready and wait to enjoy this lifetime experience after the defeat of Corona Virus.

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