Post covid19 travel updates to Uganda

Post Covid19 Travel Information to Uganda

Uganda is now open for travelers despite the continued spread of corona virus. The pearl of Africa is now open for domestic and international travelers looking for memorable experiences. The ministry of tourism together with Uganda wildlife Authority, Uganda Tourism Board and other conservation bodies have permitted visits to Uganda with tight restrictions. Do you want to trek gorillas in Bwindi Forest or enjoy a guided game drive in Uganda savannah Parks?Post Covid19 Uganda safaris No worries, the country is now open for tourism despite the continuous spread of corona virus. Travelers to Uganda are however advised to be cautious and careful when traveling to and within Uganda in order not to contract the deadly virus. Africa Adventure Safaris, the number one safari company in Uganda offers you post copvid19 travel information to Uganda to ensure safety and enjoyable Uganda safari experience.
1. All travelers to Uganda are advised to be fully vaccinated before coming to the Pearl of Africa. YES, Uganda is still having high positive cases of covid19, which put unvaccinated travelers at risk of contracting the deadly disease.
2. Travelers to Uganda are required to observe and follow the standard Operating procedures which include wearing face masks, washing hands, sanitizing and keeping social distance
3. Travelers should all test negative for covid19 72 hours before arriving in Uganda.
4. Avoid crowds. The virus spreads faster in crowded places
5. Fully vaccinated travelers are not subjected to covid19 testing upon arrival at Entebbe airport but they are reminded to carry their test results
6. Travelers who test positive upon arrival are quarantined for 2 weeks at their own expense
7. At the end of the trip, travelers are tested again before departure to ensure they are negative.

Advice after Travelers
Travelers who have just finished the safari are advised to test again for covid19 upon arrival in their countries to confirm they are safe. The test should be done between 3-5 days after travel
More so, travelers are advised to self-monitor for any symptoms of covid19 and seek medical help in case of any symptoms
More so, if even you test negative, travelers are advised to stay home and isolate themselves for at least 7 days after the safari.

When should you not travel?
• Travelers with any kinds of covid19 symptoms such as flue, cough, high temperatures and body weaknesses are advised not travel to avoid being quarantined. Even if you are vaccinated but with any symptoms, DO NOT TRVEL!.
• If you have been diagnosed with covi19, do not travel anywhere please. This is to avoid the spread of the deadly virus to other people.
• If you have interacted with people suspected of having the virus in the past 2 weeks
• If you have just recovered from covid19. Wait to travel

Can I cancel and reschedule my safari to Uganda?
YES, with this uncertain travel period, Uganda Wildlife Authority is accepting safari cancellation and rescheduling to future dates. Incase of any emergency and need of change, travelers and tour agents in Uganda are allowed to change the already booked dates to a future date. For those who had booked gorilla trekking and chimpanzee tours

Do I need travel Insurance?
Whereas it’s not a mandate, travelers are advised to get travel insurance to rescue them incase of any miscellaneous and emergencies. You can either get a trip cancellation also called travel disruption insurance or travel health insurance. The trip cancellation insurance covers all expenses incase a traveler cancels the trip. These include tickets, cruises and flights. The travel health insurance

Top Travel activities in Uganda
For those planning Uganda safaris, the Pearl of Africa offers a lot of interesting activities and attractions to see and do. The must do attractions in Uganda include:
1. Mountain gorilla trekking in Bwindi Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park
2. Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale Forest National Park
3. Mountain hiking
4. Bird watching
5. Game viewing in Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth, Lake Mburo and Kidepo Valley National Park
6. Cultural tours I to see indigenous Batwa pygmies in southwestern Uganda and Kalimanjongs in northeastern Uganda.
Conclusively, travelers coming postcovi19 Uganda and African safaris are advised to take precautions to protect themselves and other people.

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