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New Travel Experiences In Kisoro

New Travel Experiences In Kisoro
Kisoro district is indubitably full of wonders, those who have been there before have experienced how charming it feels to stay in kisoro. The region is one of the beautiful places in Uganda blessed with a variety of intriguing features which include the majestic mountain gorillas, Virunga volcanoes, crater lakes (bunyonyi & Mutanda), unique cultures and beautiful flora and fauna which together make your Uganda safari to kisoro an experience for lifetime. The beautiful rolling hills of kigezi region after which Uganda was dubbed the pearl of Africa make it more amazing. The outstanding views of the eight Virunga volcanoes shared by Uganda, Rwanda and democratic republic of Congo make it more amazing. Much as gorilla safaris, golden monkeys, volcano climbing and batwa cultural trail have been a focus for most of the past travelers to Mgahinga, New travel experiences have been introduced to diversify tourism in the region. The new tourism products in kisoro have been introduced b the Mgahinga cultural and crafts center with the support of Uganda tourism board and the government. These new activities will complement the already existing tourism products making your Uganda gorilla safaris to southwestern Uganda a lifetime experience. Among the newly introduced tourism products in kisoro district include:

Mountain biking
Mountain biking is the best way you can explore the entire gem in kisoro region. Great thanks go to ultimate cycling Uganda, which has mapped three biking trails to help travelers visit different sites in kisoro district and the neighboring communities. Each of these trails takes a different routes and directions through local centers, gardens and homes covering different distances. Also, the starting points vary depending on the location of a traveler. The Mgahinga trail stretches 60 kilometers starting from the Mgahinga cultural and crafts Centre. Travelers ride through the gate of Mgahinga gorilla national park as they proceed to Rwanda DR Congo border. On their way back, travelers ride through kisoro town ending their ride at the Mgahinga cultural center.

For those in kabale, the 80-kilometer ichuya trail start from lake bunyonyi via regions of kacyekano, Muko and Ichuya ending at the Churchill point. This trail helps travelers to explore much of Kabale region and all its beauties. Bwindi trail is the longest trail of all the three. The trail start from kabale town through Bwindi forest, Mutanda region ending at Mgahinga gorilla national park. Mountain biking is an opportunity for travelers to encounter local people in their farms, homes as well as exploring other attractions in the region.

Ngarama cave has been the only visited cave in Mgahinga hence a need for more caving products for travelers. To make it more enjoyable, Mgahinga cultural and Crafts center has packaged two more caves in Mgahinga park to reward travelers with extensive and exceptional caving experience. The newly discovered caves are Sooko cave at the bottom of Mount Mgahinga and Ruhengo cave at the foothill of Mt Sabinyo. Local guides have been trained on how to do it best and have also given the all the necessary requirements such as torches, gumboots and hand gloves to ease caving and ensure memorable experiences. Local guides disclose the secrets about each cave the great role they played in sheltering local people who would seek refugee especially in times of tribal wars. The caves are believed t have existed for thousands of years.

Caldera expeditions
Kisoro region was in the past years affected by volcanic eruptions, which led to the formation of calderas. Among the caldera features in kisoro include volcanic mountains with crater lakes at the top. A hike to any caldera is a memorable experience, which help you appreciate what nature can do. Also, a walk to the summit is an opportunity for travelers to meet new people making your experience more enjoyable.

Churchill point
Do not miss a hike to the Churchill point on top of Kanaaba Mountain in Echuya forest in kisoro. It’s on this hill that Churchill appreciated the beautiful sceneries of Uganda realizing that the country is indeed the pearl of Africa. Churchill point reward travelers with clear views of kigezi rolling hills which stretch to infinity, the green vegetation, natural forest of Bwindi, Virunga volcanoes, the Echuya forest stretching from lake Bunyonyi and all other natural beauties that make south western Uganda indeed the Switzerland of Africa.

Conclusively, kisoro district offers it all you need to meet and exceed your travel needs on a Uganda safari. Enjoy memorable gorilla treks, golden monkey tours, volcano climbing, mountain biking, caving, caldera expeditions and Churchill point rewarding you with memorable experiences in the pearl of Africa.