Monkey trekking in Uganda

Monkey Trekking In Uganda

Join and enjoy exceptional monkey trekking for a memorable Uganda safari. Unlike most Uganda safaris comprise of trekking gorillas an chimpanzees, opt for an optional monkey trekking in the ingle forests of Uganda for a once in a lifetime magical encounter. Uganda is home to numerous monkey species found in different rain forests in all corners of the country. Monkeys are one specie of primates, which you ought not to miss on your Uganda safari. The top spots for monkey trekking in Uganda are Kibale Forest National park, Budongo Forest, Mgahinga gorilla National park are other forested areas all over Uganda. The must-visit monkey species in Uganda include among others:

Golden Monkeys

golden monkey trekking

Golden Monkey in Mgahinga Forest

Living in the jungles of Mgahinga gorilla national park, golden monkeys are the most visited monkey species in Uganda. This monkey specie is scientifically called Cercopithecus kandti and is endemic to Mgahinga forest. Anyone who wants to meet golden monkeys face to face must travel to this rain forest in southwestern Uganda. The golden hair distinguishes golden monkeys from other monkey species. In addition to gorilla trekking and chimpanzees, golden monkey trekking has presently become a favorite for most travelers to southwestern Uganda. The playful and lively characters of golden monkeys make your experience memorable. A permit to trek golden monkey costs $100 including park entrance fee, which is honestly fair and affordable even for budget travelers compared to gorilla trekking permits at $700. To ease trekking Golden monkeys are habituated into communities, which comprise of roughly 100 or more members.

Red tailed Monkeys
Look out for red-tailed monkeys up in the trees of Kibale, Bwindi and Semliki national parks. Red-tailed monkeys are scientifically called Cercopithecus ascanius distinguished from other monkey species by a long red tail, measuring over 17 inches. The main diet for red-tailed monkeys include flowers, shoots, buds, leaves, and small insects. An alpha male leads a group of between 20-30 monkeys which live and do everything together. Also, red-tailed monkeys have big cheeks, which they use to store food for along time. Chimpanzees, eagles, and leopards are major threats to the survival of red-tailed monkeys. The monkey species are named after their long red tails.

Black and white Colubus

Monkey trekking in Uganda

Black & White Colobus in Kibale Forest

Scientifically called Colobus angolensis, black and white colobus monkeys are the most seen monkey species seen almost in every forested area in Uganda. You can see black and white colobus at Entebbe botanical gardens, Kibale Forest, Mabira forest, Budongo forest, Bwindi forest, Mgahinga forest, Kyambura gorge and other forested areas in Uganda. Black and white colubuses are herbivorous which feed on fruits, leaves, flowers, shoots, and buds.

Blue Monkeys
Visit to trek blue monkeys in Mgahinga, Kibale, Budongo, Bwindi and Mabira forests rewarding you with a memorable monkey trekking experience. Blue monkeys are also called Cercopithecus Mitis which belong to the old world monkeys distinguished from other monkey species there dark blue-grey and white throat. Like other monkeys, blue monkeys feed on leaves, fruits, and shoots and flowers.

De Brazza Monkeys
Visit De Brazza monkeys commonly seen in most swamps, bamboos and mountain forests across Uganda for a memorable experience. The monkey species is distinguished from other monkeys by its grey fur, white rump, black limbs and reddish-brown back whit white stripe running down the thighs. De Brazzza monkeys are mostly seen in Semilki and Mount Elgon National parks. These monkeys communicate with booming sounds and shaking the heads especially when annoyed. The major threats to the survival of De Brazza Monkeys include habitat loss, chimpanzees, humans, and leopards.

Other monkey species in Uganda include
• Grey Cheeked Mangaby
• L’Hoest Monkey
• Patas Monkey
• Colubsu Monkey
• Pottos
• Bush Babies
Conclusively, monkey trekking is one of the not miss travel experiences in Uganda. Trek into the rain forests of Uganda, meet different species of monkeys in their native habitats enjoy their social behaviors, learn their characters and enjoy this lifetime experience.

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