Kampala City tours

Kampala City Tours -Places to Visit

Kampala city tour is a not miss on your next Uganda safari. Kampala, the Capital of Uganda is a first stop Centre for all Uganda safaris to all parts of the country and the starting and ending point of most safaris in Uganda. In other words, Kampala city is where travelers connect to different directions in different corners depending on the next destination and interesting tourist activities. Whether you are going for gorilla trekking in Bwindi Forest/Mgahinga Gorilla National park, game viewing in the open savannah parks, bird watching, water rafting at the Nile river, Mountaineering or even a cultural tour to Batwa pygmies, YOU MUST pass through Kampala. For that matter, Kampala city is the best place for Uganda city tours. Kampala is surrounded by interesting tourist sites in its suburbs plus the magical tours within the city its self. You will meet many people, many cars and experience how different businesses are run in this small city. Following the strenuous gorilla or chimpanzee trekking experience, you ought to relax and chill off all the fatigue. Kampala City tours entail the following:

Visit local markets and shopping malls
Enjoy a visit to the local markets on your Kampala City tour. The most visited markets in Kampala are Owiino for clothes and Nakasero market for food. You will find all kinds of Uganda’s fresh foods in these markets plus low-cost second hand and first-hand clothes. The market place in Uganda is very interesting giving you the chance to interact with local business people, bargain and if possible support local businesses in Uganda. Shopping malls are best to buy snacks and other essentials to make your safari a success. The leading shopping malls in Kampala include Oasis Mall, Acacia Mall, Ham shopping mall, Freedom City Mall, Ntinda Shopping Centre, Senana Shopping malls, Owino Shopping Mall, Mukwano Centre Shopping Arcade and Haruna shopping Mall. These malls serve you with quality products of all types at affordable rates.

Kasubi Tombs
If you want to learn about Buganda’s kingdom, cultures, beliefs, and norms, Kasubi Tombs is your best place to visit. Being burial ground for the former Baganda kings and other members of the royal family, a visit to Kasubi tombs goes you all the information you require about the kingdom of Buganda. Kasubi tombs are one of Uganda’s UNESCO heritage sites and a must-visit on your Kampala city tour. Expect to find elders who will tell you about the history of Buganda kingdom. Also at the scene are traditional tools such as drums, spears, shields, trumpets, and backcloths (Orubugo). A traditional dance will be performed introducing and welcoming you to Buganda’s culture.

Religious sites (Mosques, Cathedrals, and Temples)
Do not miss visiting the top religious sites in Uganda on your Kampala city. These are the headquarters for all religious dominions in the whole country. Religious tours in Kampala take you to Kibuli Mosque, Namirembe Cathedral, Rubaga cathedral, and Bahai Temple and Namugongo shrine where Uganda Marty’s were slain.

Makerere University
Being the largest, best and oldest institution of higher learning in Uganda, Makerere University is a not miss on your Kampala city tour. Makerere University is divided into different colleges, which include college of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, College of Business and Management Sciences, College of Computing and Information Sciences, College of Education and External Studies, College of Engineering, Design Art and Technology, College of Health Sciences, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Natural Science’s, College of Veterinary, medicine, Animal Resources & Bio-Security and the School of Law. These colleges are further divided into schools and then subdivided into courses.

Other tourist sites in Kampala include
1. Uganda Museum
2. The parliament of Uganda
3. Mengo Palace
4. Old Taxi Park
5. Bars and restaurants
In general, you can enjoy Uganda safaris without necessarily going to trek gorillas, game safaris or going upcountry. Kampala city offers it all you need to know and learn about Uganda.

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