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World Investors to Boost Conservation Tourism in Uganda

With a major aim of boosting tourism and wildlife conservation in the country, Uganda for the time hosted the conservation and tourism investment forum on 6th October 2017. The forum was a platform for top government officials, responsible tourism bodies, private investors and all senior business figures from all parts of the world to gather and discuss how best Uganda can be marketed nationally and internationally as well as to attract more private investors and travelers from parts of the world to visit Uganda. It was realized that despite Uganda’s beautiful nature, rift valleys, lakes, rivers, mountains, hospitable people, birds and mostly half of the world’s endangered mountain gorillas, the country still receive few travelers as it was expected. Uganda’s government and responsible bodies have therefore realized a need for extensive marketing and private investment so as to boost conservation tourism hence attracting a large number of tourist arrivals into the country. The need to boost tourism and promote wildlife conservation in Uganda was the main reason for the launching of conservation and tourism investment forum by the government and responsible tourism bodies.

While in the meeting, the government of Uganda disclosed tourism to private investment calling upon all private investors and other conservation organizations to support tourism as well as marketing the country o the outside world. The conducive climate and strategic location of Uganda in the heart of East Africa make it a best country to stay.

New marketing strategies were raised especially encouragement of private sector investment as an additional source of capital to complement the traditional sources of conservation capital. It was also an opportunity for the government to market its beauty and all the treasures to lure and attract more investors and tourists to come and explore what Uganda offers ranging from mountain gorillas and much more. Private investors were also called upon to take part in management of protected areas in conjunction with the government and other responsible bodies.

The Uganda Tourism Board enlightened private investors about the importance of natural resource conservation in boosting tourism sector in ten country calling upon all private investors and Non Governmental organization to take part in management of natural resources hence tourism development. Some private investors such as Max Graham the founder of elephant conservation group space for giants welcomed the idea appreciating that Uganda has it all to offer but only lacks extensive marketing and investment. The private investor also confessed that all other private investors have been waiting for government’s invitation for a joint management and marketing of Uganda’s tourism resources.

Private investors were also concerned about Uganda’s political security as well as security of wildlife in respective national parks for the smooth running of tourism activities in all parts of Uganda. In response, the president of Uganda “His excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni” assured travelers of a tight security system and a strong army, which has been and will continue to ensure peace in the country ensuring of all investments. Also, the anti poaching measures that were put by the Uganda wildlife authority have increased a population of elephant’s population.

Also, there should be good and easy connectivity to uganda national parks and other tourism spots a cross the country. This therefore calls for extensive investment in maintaining roads connecting to Murchison falls national park and Kibale forest reserve among others. New roads to kidepo valley national park and Bwindi impenetrable forest national park are under construction assuring investors and traveler’s easy connectivity to all national parks and other tourism spots in all parts of the country.

With the participation of private investors and government authority, Uganda tourism is hoped to boost. The Uganda tourism board a body responsible for marketing and new product development is assured of great turn up in terms of tourist arrivals into the country. Uganda hopes to receive over million travelers by 2020 based on the 1.3 million travelers that were received in 2016.

Conclusively therefore, all private investors and non-governmental organization are called upon to support tourism conservation in Uganda hence boosting tourism sector.

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