Insight on a Tour to Murchison Falls NP from Kampala

A tour to Murchison Falls range from a day trip to over 5 days to explore Murchison Falls National Park. The first day starts with a drive to Murchison falls by 7:30 am and is quite long. Expect to have a stopover at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, where a local ranger takes travelers for a short bush walk to meet rhinos. You will have a chance to see them at a close distance and it very advisable to go see the Rhinos since it is a cheap activity which you may as well do it. If it is a very warm day, just skip the whole thing and save 2 hours. The whole journey to the park takes some 10 hours, so if you don’t like traveling, skip Ziwa and go straight to MFNP through Masindi.
The drive from Masindi takes you crossing the Nile at Karuma Falls, then to the poor town of Pakwach, and to the Northern gate of MFNP and a drive of 25 kilometers from the Park’s gate to Paraa Safari Lodge through the area where they do the game drives, and you will be able to view a number of various animals, including elephants.
The Paraa safari lodge has a look of oldish but with a British style of old elegance. The lodge has excellent services, so are the meals. Nice swimming pool, small gym. Rooms are small, although many of them face the Nile River and the night is pretty cool. Next day early morning after breakfast is time for a 4-hour game drive. Lots of small animals are seen during the drive, many giraffes and elephants and one can spot some lion. It’s always an advantage to have an informative and knowledgeable ranger to guide you for the drive.

In the afternoon the Uganda tour package includes a 1-2 hours boat ride to the River Nile. The boat drive, you can spot many animals, including crocodiles and especially birds and you also get to watch the water falls very closely.
On the third day gives you an opportunity to drive to the top of the Falls. The view from there and of the huge amount of water falling through the narrow crevice is amazing.
From the Falls to Kampala it is about 5-6 hours to Kampala.

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