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Horseback Riding in Uganda

It’s obvious that trekking mountain gorillas, visiting chimpanzees, bird watching and cultural encounters are the most done wildlife experiences in Uganda. However, the pearl of Africa is much more than that. Horse riding is yet another off beaten way to explore and enjoy the beauty of Uganda. It’s a magical experience, which most travelers have often missed on their Uganda safari. Horse riding is a way of refreshment and is normally done as a complement to other tourism activities in Uganda. Enjoy the unique rides through local villages, tea plantations, valleys, hills, and national parks. Horse riding can be by one traveler or a group of travelers ride at the same speed. First-time riders are taught how to move the horse hence no need for experience. Alternatively, travelers with experience in horse riding can ride together at high speed with plenty of cantering. Interestingly, horses are trained and hence know what to do and when. A simple briefing will help you horse ride with no difficulty.

What is the riding time?

The stretch of riding time is a traveler’s choice depending on his/her time and budget. Riding can be for a short time as 30 minutes to three hours depending on the client. The starting time is 10 am for the morning shift and 2 pm for the afternoon shift. The reason for morning and evening rides is to help travelers enjoy the magical sun down and sunsets respectively.

Where to do horse riding in Uganda

Are you wondering where you can go for horse riding in Uganda? No worries, we bring to places where you can go for horse riding in Uganda. These include among others:

Lake Mburo national park
Horseback riding is the best way to explore and enjoy the beauty and wildlife of Lake Mburo national park. Run by Mihingo lodge, horse riding is one of the exceptional experiences every traveler should miss on his/her Uganda safari to Lake Mburo national park. Here travelers ride through the savannah vegetation of Lake Mburo to explore different spots within the park such as lake Mburo, rivers and swamps and local communities. Riding is for four-five hours rewarding travelers with spectacular views of different wildlife grazing, hunting, and browsing in the park. 6 people are allowed on each trip, which is an opportunity for group travelers to enjoy together. While on your horse riding through lake Mburo expect to see a variety of wild animals, which include zebras. Impalas, common eland, oribis, African buffalo, leopards, waterbucks, warthogs, bush pigs, reedbucks, giraffes, Uganda kobs, jackals, and hippos among others. For birders, expect to see African finfoot, Mosque swallow, Tabora Cisticola, Great painted snipe, Abyssinian ground hornbill, yellow-winged swamp warbler, yellow-rumped tinker bird, papyrus gonolek and shoebill among others.

Source of the Nile
Enjoy exceptional Nile horse riding safaris at affordable rates. Travelers to Jinja have a chance to ride across and to the source of River Nile the longest river in the world. Source of the Nile horse riding starts from the Nile source through local communities and local tea farms for an exceptional experience. In other words, horse riding is one to explore the banks of river Nile, jinja and hills overlooking the Nile river valley.

The cost of horse riding
The cost for horse riding at the source of the Nile is $40 for one hour, $50 for one and a half hours, $60 for an hour and half sunset safari, $60 for 2 hours riding safari and $80 for a three hours ride. The experience and enjoyment are worth the penny.

Tips for horse riding

Travelers going or horse riding safaris are advised to consider the following tips seriously:
• Properly wear the horse riding gear
• Be gentle and free with the reins
• Mount the horse with confidence
• Sit upright and relaxed. Do not sprawl
• Do not hold the saddle horn
• Keep your eyes where you are going
• Take full control of the horse

In general. Horse riding is one of the magical experiences that last for a lifetime. Book a horse riding safari to Uganda, enjoy this exceptional venture at affordable rates with Africa Adventure Safaris your number one travel agent in Uganda and Rwanda.