Foot wear for gorilla trekking

Gorilla Trekking Boots/Shoes

Planning to travel for a gorilla trek? Hiking boots/shoes are must-have if you want to have a successful mountain gorilla encounter. During gorilla tour inquiry, Africa Adventure Safaris always advise travelers to come with hiking boots to ensure a memorable gorilla trekking safari in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Trekking boots MUST be the first item on your packing list for gorilla trekking. Without the right footwear, your gorilla encounter is likely to go wrong. Travelers are advised to look for light waterproof hiking boots/gears to ensure a peaceful gorilla trek with less or no difficulty at all. For those who fail to bring, respective gorilla park headquarters have boots for hire at a small cost. Inform Africa Adventure Safaris in time so we can book the boots for you in advance and avoid any disappointment.

Why bring hiking boots

Footwear for gorilla trekking

Waterproof gorilla trekking boots

For those who have trekked gorillas before, they clearly understand what importance is hiking boots on a gorilla trip. Waterproof boots keep your feet dry and clean through muddy and slippery forest trails. Also, hiking boots ease your movement through thick underneath bushes and also protecting your feet from ground insects. In addition to the boots, endeavor to bring long stockings that reach up to the knees. Tuck your trousers into the stockings and your legs will be safe from stinging nettles, thorny bushes, and rough scrubs. NEVER ever take sandals and open shoes for gorilla trekking unless you want to have the worst experience. Similarly, do not bring white sneakers or tennis shoes, they will disappoint you. Also, never bring new brand shoes for trekking, they will wear out from the jungle forest.

What else to wear /pack or gorilla trekking
In addition to hiking bots, travelers tracking mountain gorillas are reminded to bring other essentials, which ensure a memorable gorilla tour. Among other things to pack for gorilla trekking include:
Long-sleeved shirts/blouses: These protect your arms from scratches of thorny bushes, bites by mosquitos and other forest insects. Also, the long-sleeved shirts keep you warm in cool forests

Gardening hand gloves: These protect your hands from getting dirty of mad. Also, gardening gloves protect your hand no be hurt when you grab forest trees and bushes for support in steep hikes. Touching the ground is inevitable during gorilla trekking but gardening gloves will spare your soft hands and nails for ladies.

Rain jacket: Forest rains can pour at any time of the day despite the season. Travelers are therefore reminded to carry a rain jacket whether it’s raining or not. Rainfall is too much during the wet seasons between the months of March, April, May, and October & November. If you are traveling during the low season, a rain jacket is a must-have.

Ponchos/sweaters: Generally, mountain gorillas live in cool forested areas that require you to have a sweater or Pocho. This keeps you warm throughout ensuring a lifetime experience.

Waterproof hat: This protects your head from direct sun and water drop falling off trees. For ladies, hats help to protect your hair from getting dirty and wet.

Sunglasses: These protect your eyes from direct sun and insects.

Insect repellant: Remember to carry and apply insect repellents to prevent against insect bites some of which can be dangerous.

Bottled drinking water: Endeavor to carry enough drinking water to quench hiking thirsty.

Energy giving snacks: Remember to pack some energy giving snacks, some yellows, apples and break to keep you strong throughout the hiking.

Camera and extra batteries

In conclusion, hiking boots are a must-have for every traveler trekking mountain gorillas. Having the right footwear is key to a successful gorilla encounter in the jungles of Bwindi, Mgahinga, Volcanoes and Virunga National Parks.

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