Bwindi Forest NP

Forest Walks in Bwindi Forest National Park

Whether you call it nature walks or forest walks, the experience is all about penetrating the impenetrable forest of Bwindi forest national park by foot. A forest walk in Bwindi unfolds the full package in the park rewarding travelers with an exclusive feeling of a natural virgin forest, sweet melodies of birds singing up in the trees as well a close encounter with wild animals such as mountain gorillas, baboons, vervet monkeys, L’Hoest’s Guenon, nocturnal, duickers, giant forest hogs and bush pigs among others. Though many people to Bwindi take part in gorilla trekking, a few who have spared time to do a forest walk can testify how life changing the experience is. A forest walk is the best way to discover all the hidden treasures in Bwindi, which most clients have often missed out. To keep strong, hikers are reminded to carry enough drinking water, energy giving snacks and soft foods as well as dressing right in hiking boots, hand gloves, huts, long sleeved pants and shirts to deal with unpredictable forest weather. The popular hiking trails in Bwindi Forest National park include:

Munyaga river trail
Forest walks In Bwindi
This is one of the easiest trails in the forest, which last for roughly 2 hours starting at the end of Buhoma road via the Bizinge creek joining to the bank of Munyaga River. The trail is circular in a way that it rotates back to the starting point without necessary turning back. Munyaga river trail is best for birders and is a spot for most birds some of which are endemic to the forest along with a scenic view of river Munyaga which all provide travelers with a memorable experience. This trail can be self-guides due to its nearness and short tie required to reach the end point.

Waterfall trail
This hike takes roughly three hours to reach the waterfall. It was first slashed in 1970 with an intension of transforming it into a main road connecting to Kisoro town but was not accomplished. This trail exposes travelers to secrecies of Bwindi impenetrable forest in form of its natural vegetation, animals and bird life all encountered in the hiking process. Interestingly, the trail crosses river Munyaga three times in the deep forest before travelers reach three adjoin waterfalls.

Rushura hill trail
Bwindi Forest
This is the most strenuous hike in the forest which last for roughly 3 hours to the highest point of Rushura hill at an elevation of 1,915m/6,289ft) above sea level. The trail hikes through the terraced fields and forests and the top of the mountain provide travelers with spectacular views of the western rift valley, the national park, lake Edward, Rwenzori Mountains and the virunga volcanoes. What is interesting about this trail is that it ascends and descends via cultivated fields and new regenerating forest.

Muzabajiro loop trail
This trail is moderate to hike that entail traveler’s crossing over the Muzabijiro creek before ascending via canopy forest to Ruhubra hill.
Muzabajiro loop trail was caught by fire in 1992, which destroyed the then vegetation. However today, lush vines and slippery trunks of dead tress that offer breathtaking views of the national park cover up the trail.

River lvi trail
Forest walks in Bwindi
This trail heads to the southern part of the national park and is mostly used by the local people as they go to local gardens and markets. The trail takes roughly 6 hours in follow of the old road in the forest. In this trail, travelers are assured of encountering a lot that include local people, monkeys, bush pigs, birds and mountain gorillas among others. Hiking in this trail can either start from Nkuringo or Buhoma depending on where travelers are having a accommodation.

Bamboo trail
This trail is situated at the highest point at an elevation of 2,607m/8,550ft above the sea level at Rwamunyo forest taking approximately 6 hours to reach at the end point. The bamboo trail enable travelers to walk through different vegetation types which include bamboo forest, alpine vegetation until when you will the afro montane vegetation which is at the highest point.

Kashasha river trail
The trail stats in Buhoma ending in Nkuringo and takes 5-6hopurs to the end of the trail and is roughly 600 meters above the sea level.
Conclusively therefore, take part in forest nature walks in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park taking you to different tourism spots in the park hence rewarding you with a memorable experience.