Mountain Gorillas Vs Lowland Gorillas

Comparing Mountain Gorillas & Eastern Lowland Gorillas

Most travelers have often mistaken mountain gorillas and Eastern Lowland gorillas. Much as they all belong to the eastern gorilla species, the two gorilla species are different in one way or the other. Before booking and confirming a gorilla trip, travelers are ought to fully understand the difference between mountain gorillas and eastern lowland gorillas and then decide on which ones to visit or to visit both. Gorilla trekking remains the best wildlife e experience that no traveler should miss on his/her travel to Africa. A 1 Day gorilla tour in the jungle is a magical experience that happens once in a lifetime. The difference between mountain gorillas and eastern lowland gorillas depends on the location, size, and physical outlook. Africa Adventure Safaris brings you comparisons between mountain gorillas and eastern lowland gorillas

Like their names, Mountain gorillas live in mountainous regions while Eastern lowland gorillas live in lowland areas. Mountain gorillas (Gorilla beringei beringei) dwell in two regions i.e Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National park in Uganda and the other population live in Virunga conservation area comprised of Volcanoes National Park Rwanda , Virunga National Park in Congo and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. On the other hand, Eastern lowland gorillas only survive in Congo’s kahuzi biega National park in eastern Congo. Every traveler who wants to see Eastern lowland gorillas must, therefore, travel to Kahuzi Biega National Park. Mountain gorillas live in areas of higher altitudes of about 1,500 – 4000 meters (8000 – 13,000ft). On the other hand, lowland gorillas live in low altitude areas. Mountain gorilla’s lice comfortably in thick-forested lands while lowland gorillas are found in lowland forests. The park is home to roughly 1000 eastern lowland gorillas. Regarding the population of mountain gorillas, the 2018 gorilla census in the Virunga Massif confirmed that mountain gorilla numbers have increased to 1006 shared between Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo. The steady increase in mountain gorillas gives hope for sustainable gorilla tourism in Africa.

Physical appearances
Regarding physical structures, mountain gorillas have shorter arms, shorter jaws, larger teeth and Nose. On the other hand, eastern lowland gorillas have shorter head and body hair. Mountain gorillas have long thick fur much more compared to that of eastern lowland gorillas. Adult males(silverbacks ) or mountain gorillas have white fur on their backs which is not a case with lowland gorillas. Lowland adult males instead have a brown fur at tier backs

Eastern Lowland gorillas are the largest gorilla species in Africa. The size of eastern lowland gorillas is bigger compared to mountain gorillas. On average, a silverback mountain gorilla weighs over 195 kilograms while Male eastern lowland gorillas weigh over 210 kilograms. Lowland gorillas are much heavier and stronger compared to mountain gorillas.

Social behaviors
A family of mountain gorillas can have more than one silverback at the same time but with one dominating. On the other hand, a family is eastern lowland gorillas MUST have one adult male gorilla. You cannot find 2 silverbacks in an eastern lowland gorilla family. One silverback gorilla is in charge of all adult females in the group and has all the rights to mate with them.

Communication behaviors
Whenever mountain gorillas are annoyed, they isolate themselves from each other to cool. When a silverback gorilla is angry, he emits a strong odor in the armpits, which tells other family members that, the dad s stressed and not happy. He needs private time. On the other hand, eastern lowland gorillas seem not to show any communication sign when stressed.

Similarities Between Mountain & Eastern Lowland Gorillas
Both mountain gorillas and eastern lowland gorillas have longer arms than legs hence they both walk with arms. More both, both gorilla species are herbivores whose diet comprise of leaves, shoots, fruits, roots, and vines. At times, gorillas at small insects and reptiles in the jungle.

Whether you choose to visit mountain gorillas or eastern lowland gorillas, gorilla trekking remains the best wildlife experience in the world. Contact Africa Adventure Safaris today, book your gorilla safari to Uganda, Rwanda and Congo and enjoy this lifetime experience.

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