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Bwindi Gorilla Permits Uganda

Call it gorilla trekking or tracking or whatever, it’s one of those really thrilling, lifetime experiences you should take time for before you leave planet earth. Despite years of civil unrest in the region where mountain gorillas live, conservation efforts have found success. The gorilla population increased from 620 animals in 1989 to over 950 species today.

gorilla trekking in RwandaThe exhilaration attached to the first setting eyes on a wild mountain gorilla is difficult to describe. If you have never tracked the mighty mountain gorillas, don’t miss this once in lifetime opportunity of tracking at discounted rates in Uganda. In Uganda, mountain gorillas live in forests high in the mountains, at elevations of 8,000 to 13,000 feet. They have thicker fur, and more of it, compared to other great apes. The fur helps them to survive in a habitat where temperatures often drop below freezing.

During the pick season of June-September/December to February, Gorillas in Uganda are tracked at a rate of 600$ paid by foreign non-residents, 500$ paid by foreign residents and 250000 Ugandan shillings paid by east African residents. Yet in the same sense, that magical one hour spent with the gorillas does not come cheaply considering that a permit goes for US$750 in Rwanda – but it is unusual to find someone who regretted the financial outlay.

In the Low season months / rainy seasons, Bwindi gorilla permits are discounted to 350$ for foreign non residents, 300$ for foreign residents and 150,000 for east African residents while in Rwanda prices are constant at 750$. In Uganda, ten families have been habituated in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park, and so can host 80 persons tracking the mountain gorillas on any day. Only 8 persons can visit a given gorilla family per day. Has Gorilla tracking prices been impacting your decision to travel to Africa for this thrilling activity? Now your prayers answered by the Uganda wildlife authority that is rewarding you a holiday package at such a discounted rate.

Uganda’s Bwindi and Mgahinga National Parks have slight edge over the rest because its gorillas are the most wholly habituated, and they are often found in less dense forest which makes photographing easier. Uganda’s pride is in the ability for one to do the gorilla trek holiday even in 3 days and fly back home.
Bwindi is located 500 km from Kampala city and a drive can take 8 hours plus. In that sense, you will spend at least 3 days for your gorilla trek tour – one traveling to Bwindi, another doing the gorilla trek, and the other driving back to Kampala/Entebbe. There is so much to be admired by your eyes along the way to Bwindi that is quite enchanting with great sceneries all through like the Equator, Lake Mburo National Park (for some Queen Elizabeth National Park with abundant wildlife), terraced mountains with flowing rivers, and a lot of rural Africa.

Tourists can access Bwindi impenetrable national park either by road or flying over from Entebbe to towns near to Bwindi including Kihihi and Kisoro to track the gorillas. A round flight ticket costs $500 with AeroLink Uganda. In that case you will need to arrange your transfer from the airstrip to Bwindi, and back as well please talk to your agents.

Another option of accessing Bwindi forest is from Rwanda. Its just 4 hours from Kigali driving into Bwindi forest, much more nearer that driving from Kampala to Bwindi.