Family safaris in Covid19 times

Tips for Travelling with Family during Covid19

Family safaris have always been fun and enjoyable over time. YES, its undeniably good to travel together as a family of parents, children and relatives on a single trip. However, with the continued spread of the deadly covid19 across the globe, family safaris have currently become risky especially with elderly people and young children. The risks associated with traveling during Covid19 have surely limited the initial being of family safaris when the entire family from the elderly to the infants would travel freely with no fears or restrictions. In order to protect your family members from contracting and spreading the deadly virus while on a safari, Africa Adventure Safaris, offers tips for travelling with family during Covid19. These include:

Make sure you are fully vaccinated
Family safaris in Covid19Before travelling as a family, ensure that all family embers are fully vaccinated for Covid19. This guarantees your safety from contracting the deadly virus on a safari. Travelers who are fully vaccinated have less risk of contracting the illness and also spreading it to other people. If the entire family is vaccinated against Covid19, they are sure of not contracting the virus from other travelers whom they may meet on the safari. Travelling is recommended after like 2 weeks of full doze vaccination to allow the vaccine circulate fully in the body
Postpone travels for the elderly and the unvaccinated
Families travelling during covid19 times are advised to postpone travels for the elderly and young members of the family. It’s believed that elderly people are at a high risk of contracting the deadly virus since their immune system is weak to fight against the virus. Its therefore wise to leave behind the elderly people to avid their risks of getting the virus while on a safari. More so, push ahead the trave of other family members who are not fully vaccinated against the Virus. Sickly family members should also be left behind when going for a family safari

Are fully vaccinated family members safe to travel together?
YES, if you are all fully vaccinated against the deadly corona virus, you can travel together. Ensure to give time for the vasicine to fully circulate in your body and to take significant effects before traveling. However, even after full dose vaccination, you are reminded to follow Standard Operating procedures of covid19 while on your safari.
Should I take the vaccine if I have recovered from the Virus?
YES, whereas those who have recovered from the virus are believed to be immune to the virus, they can infect it to other people. Its therefore advisable to take a full dose vaccine for Covid-19 even after recovering. The antibodies and immune cells produced after recovering from covid19 vary significantly over time over time which make one vulnerable to the virus if he/she is not vaccinated. You can therefore be infected for the second time if you are not vaccinated. Also, recoveries whose sickness was not so mild are advised to take the vaccine to avoid getting infected another time.

Check for Travel restrictions in the destination you are visiting
Traveling in Covid19 as a familyAlso, families are advised to check for latest travel restrictions in the destination they intend to visit. Check and confirm whether your destination emphasize mandatory testing, vaccination, quarantine and stay home orders among others. Endeavor to check the websites of ministry of health, health authorities and local carrier you intend to travel with to avoid any disappointments. If possible, check for the updated info each day. Also, check which services are open in your destination. Some businesses such as bars, churches, open markets, public transport and night life business are still locked in some countries. You should therefore know which services and businesses open in your destination.
Incase one of your family members gets infected with the virus during the safari, the entire family may be quarantined and isolated for some time before departure. This may disrupt and delay your flights back! NOTE: no single country allows covid10 positive victims to fly out or cross borders to another country.

If you are using public transport, try as much as possible to keep a distance between yourself and other people in the bus or matatu, keep your face mask on and avoid touching surface
Avoid visiting crowded places on your family safari. More so, avoid public gatherings such as parties and concerts which expose you to many people whom you are not sure of their covid19 status.
Make sure that your family members undertaking treatment bring enough medication
Avoid traveling in transport means and places which do not allow physical distancing.

In general, family safaris are still very possible even in covid19 times. Check with Africa Adventure Safaris for more advice and family safari bookings amidst covid19