A war museum was opened in Kitgum to serve as a memorial centre so that no other war can happen in the future. The centre provides historical information about the Lord’s Resistance Army revolution in northern Uganda which happened for over 20 years. The Uganda Law Commission chairman, Prof. Joseph Kakooza, said the centre has all the information about the wars that occurred in the northern part of Uganda and other areas of the country since 1962.he said all these wars happened because there was greed for power and prosperity and pleaded for all leaders to stop violence and try to find long-lasting peace.

The memorial centre is worth more than sh500m which was sent by USAID through the Northern Uganda Transition Initiative and it was implemented by Makerere University’s Refugee Law Project.

The war museum has also art pieces about the war, an information centre with a projector where visitors can watch related to war information. This tourist site has been added among the Uganda tourist attractions.

Kenneth Oketta, the prime minister of Ker Kwaro Acholi, the Acholi cultural institution, said the centre will keep although the centre will protect features of the Acholi culture and also help , it will also help in change and relocation centre.